The Longman Building

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The Longman Building
VSB. Quiet.
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the Longman Building

Shore Hills [32,57]

Crape Drive Mitchell Drive Gridley Crescent
Tyrrell Plaza School the Longman Building the Pittman Building
the Flagg Monument Gaye Towers Club Chalderwood

Basic Info:

The Longman Building


A small toy store named "Longman Toys". You immediately notice the shelf filled with empty boxes toy boxes, On a nearby wall you see a cork board with posters advertising a new toy called "Furby! Your new best friend!" A creepy bird like robot is shown on the poster, you decide to walk away. There is a cash register on a counter, the cash register has been looted a long time ago. Looking under the counter you see a hatch door leading to Tyrrell Plaza School, You decide to cover it up to make sure no zombies can get in. Looking around the rest of the store you find a door with a broken knob leading to a employee lounge, Inside the lounge you see a simple table with four chairs strewn across the floor. There is a horrible smelling coffee machine next to a sink and stove. In the corner of the room you see a crt on the wall with static on the screen. Having explored the entire place you decide to leave.

Barricade Policy

VSB as an entry point to Tyrrell plaza school and the pittman building.


Before the outbreak it was a small toy store selling toys and candy. It was set in a convenient place as Tyrrell Plaza School was right next to it, The store raked in more than 100 dollars a day just from those kids alone. When the outbreak happened the store was abandoned as the workers fled the store to get out of malton.

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