The Mallett Museum

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The Mallett Museum
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The Mallett Museum

Spicer Hills [21,98]

a carpark Doone Towers a carpark
Bowring Way Police Department The Mallett Museum a warehouse
St Helena's Hospital House Auto Repair Club Quier

Basic Info:

  • Museums have a wide range of different collections and exhibitions, although previously they were not lootable. Nowadays, different decorative items may be found there.
  • Generally, the descriptions found in Museums fall along the lines of "…currently displaying a(n) exhibition/installation/collection of _____________"
  • Museums can be barricaded normally.

The Mallett Museum is an African Sculpture Museum.



The Mallett Museum is named after Thornton Mallett, a former Malton Real Estate billionaire and playboy who founded it to hold his private collection of African curios. After having made his fortune in the real estate field, Mallett lived for decades in Malton. His mansion was believed to have been located in Roachtown before he sold it and moved to more modest dwellings elsewhere. Mallett was known to have come from wealth and added to it, spending much of his time going to Malton golfing tournaments.

In 1998, he managed to win the Houldenbank Golfing Tournament, getting the HGT trophy from its current holder, a source of pride. Thornton Mallett often invited his wealthier neighbors to spend time with him at the local clubs, where the seedier sides of life appealed to him. In 2001, he was suspected of conducting business with known figures in a mafia organization attempting to establish itself in Malton at the time.

Thornton was away in Zambia collecting more objects d'art for the museum when the outbreak first devastated Malton. Returning shortly afterwards in spite of the quarantine which was just being established at the time, he was dismayed at the plummeting value of his properties there. Having lost a lot of his interests in the great disaster, he refused to rebuild and instead spent most of his known time conning his friends into buying his Malton holdings, including the Museum.

Thornton Mallett has currently turned his attention from real estate to other businesses, particularly a private security company which he now manages. It is unknown if he has succeeded in selling the Mallett Museum or if so, who outside Malton currently owns it.

Barricade Policy

According to the Spicer Hills Barricade Plan this building should be barricaded at EHB.

Current Status

July 7th, 2013 - Two survivors inside, DarkWatchman (53HP) and Mindbone (50HP). EHB. Genny running. Radio set up 27.20 MHz. --RoyKirk 00:00, 8 July 2013 (UTC)