The Malton Red Berzerk Militia Brigade

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The Malton Red Berzerk Militia Brigade
Never think twice unless you are out of ammo!!
Abbreviation: MRBMB
Group Numbers: kind of secret
Leadership: Ailton, No Mercy, Siegfried Deutscher
Goals: Keep on fighting till the very bloody end!!! We will not let zeds allow to destroy our parties..We gonna fight for the right to.....!! Where is the front line...??!!
Recruitment Policy: In general we will ask you!! But it always impresses us if you stay out on the streets for one night!! If you like to become a member of this crazy bunch of people enter a request on discussion page
Contact: Discussion page

The Malton Red Berzerk Militia Brigade was originally a group of locals whose main business had been in the streets of Quarlesbank, West Boundwood, Gatcombeton, Shuttlebank, Yagoton, Eastonwood and Brooke Hills and in the nearby clubs...hanging around in front of small super markets, listening to Rap music for instance and selling illegal stuff to people. With the emerge of the first zeds the business of the these hang arounds actually increased (lots of people wanted to escape from real life for some reason at these times), but later on their business totally collapsed after hordes of zeds had invaded their quarters. They had to realise that the old days of gang life were over and have started to militarise themselves and united with local punk groups. And finally The Malton Red Berzerk Militia Brigade was founded. But these not very trusty people still believe in their old school gang tactics!! "Shoot at first, then ask!!", "Never think twice unless you are out of ammo!!". This group has also taken over some military tactics, like "Never attack without artillery, tank or air support!!", well, but after these things have become a bit rare in Malton city, they changed to High Supreme Guerilla Tactics. BTW this group feels still quite attached to its old quarter and especially feels close to every club in town, 'cause they still do hope that they could restart their sneaky business once the clubs will have reopened!! Therefore The Malton Red Berzerk Militia Brigade is specialised on partying and drinking beer in clubs!! Their highest rule is: "No zeds allowed in clubs anymore!!!!" Zeds just do not have the right rythm and Punk attitude...!! The Red Berzerkers have got some problems with hierarchical organisations and have a certain dislike towards groups who try to overorganise the quarters!! Improvisation is one of the key abilities of the Red Berzerkers!!

Red Berzerker`s Members

The crowd is steadily increasing....and again...and again...

Red Berzerker`s Allies

well, we are not sure if we really need some...but punk and small criminal groups we do not really dislike

Red Berzerker`s Friends


Malton Police Department - well sounds funny..but you got to believe since our business is not really going on that well we are too poor to bribe the police in Malton!!

Gangsta Business - Same business - same attitude and same enemies, nothing more to add!!!

we regard the following groups as friends, though we are not sure, if they do like us too...

The Shuttlebank Militia

Cator Museum not know why...but we hope that the museum stuff member can tollerate punks and small criminals....

An Alcoholic Drink..well you need to have such a group as friends. But not only the name is impressive!! Also the amount of members!! It is a one person group!!

Red Berzerker`s Disliked Groups

We made peace with the Warseers, but frigga and R. Cameron Corbet will be regarded as Pkers for the next week

Red Berzerker`s Enemies

The more the better...cause it is easier to protect oneself against enemies than friends!!


Pathetic Bill..he is sick, but we got to admit somehow funny...he has already been shot by us a few times!!! And again ...and the future!!! Even if we show some respect for Pathetic Bill there is none for Havoqx [1]. He is not a punk, he is not a freak, he is just a poor missguided soul! So shooting him is an action to help him.


Be alert with the Red Rum!! c138, who falsely said to be a member of the Caiger Mall Survivors, has PKed one of our members!! c131 is also a Pker!! But we have tought both of them some very good lessons!!

Sgt. Milton is annother Pker who is living in both worlds, he is cooperating with our true enemies the Eastonwood Ferals!!

Eastonwood Ferals - The cold war is over and everybody has urgently started to look for new enemies. We solved the problem very quickly...just after we had founded this marvellous organisation of The Malton Red Berzerk Militia Brigade we ended up in our first conflict with this nasty zed group in Shuttlebank. In the first crusade in Eastonwood we had also some severe fightings with them. There is a huge war going on between us, Malton Police Department, Gangsta Business, to a certain unclear degree the Warseers on the one side and the Eastonwood Ferals and Pathetic Bill on the enemy side in Eastonwoodfor several months !!

As we found out these poor creatures are not really happy about their existance, so they like to be revived!!!!

Red Berzerker`s Favourite Clubs

Club Beauchamp in Quarlesbank - well a bit posh though, but sometimes we do need to have this feeling..!!

Club Gaze, Club Haman, Club Lonton, Club Cranfield in West Boundwood - what a party area, we love it!!

Club Botting, Club Dalimore, Club Tarnier, Club Basson, Club Nanning in Yagoton - one of Malton greatest red light districts, if you are keen on zeds you will have a lot of fun!!

Club Wadman and Club Henley in Gatcombeton- just marvellous!!

Club Halsen in Gatcombeton - Punk Trash Metal!! Yeah, baby!!

Club Brookeman in Shuttlebank - highly recommended!! Best beer in town!!

Club Haber in Shuttlebank - do you wanna dance??!!

Club Cust and Club Roles in Shuttlebank - do not be too shy you will definetely get pulled!!

Club Burningham in Eastonwood - they have a happy hour just before midnight and dawn!!

Club Vagg in Eastonwood - for Punks only!! Voted as the best club in town!!!

Red Berzerker`s History

The history has just begun (12th of may 2006)

14/5/2006 - the zed activities are steadily increasing - moving northwards to Shuttlebank!! some headshots...and again...and again...!!!

17/5/2006 - oh,oh, seeems like trouble - the great Club Haber in Shuttlebank has been entered by zeds. The whole surrounding area seems to be in severe danger to fall!! The Wild PD and the great Club Brookeman have been also severely attacked...such moves will lead to a distinct revenge action of the red berzerkers!!

- the Calvert Mall bashing continues, but zeds seem to move eastwards..!!

- 18/5/2006 What a victory!! Peace is coming back to the beautiful buildings of the Calvert Mall!!! Although we still do not understand how you can ever win over undead who are not able to die!! Baaaaaaa..Anyway we won!! Pretty soon the rest of Malton city will be cleaned from the zed disease!!!

- 19/20 /5/2006 well...ehemm...the clashes around Calvert Mall still continue...zeds causing trouble in nearby clubs and police station but due to the help of the red berzerkers and other groups lots of dead bodies have been dumped outside!!!

- 21-23/5/2006 Calvert Mall Siege continues..still 29 zeds plus alot of dead bodies outside the NE-corner...we still hope to suppress them...but we need help from more players!!! Around Club Haber in Shuttlebank everything in zed control!! First actions started to kick the zeds out of the area!!

- 24/5/2006 Calvert Mall Siege continues...and again...and again..we need more guys to clean the mall from outside!! Shuttlebank is still severely struggling!! zeds are especially active Northwest of the Wild PD, also Pker sighted!! Somehow we have got the feeling that the flood of zeds is heading towards the mall in Yagoton...

-25/5/2006...well Calvert Mall seems to turn into a great victory..all I need to say is "Dance the little headshoot dance"...only 7 zeds left and 69 dead bodies are lying infront of the NE corner..hehehe..well hope the dead bodies are not rising again...but it is not the best fun for the zeds at least...and we all like to have some xp-food!!!!

-27-29/5/2006 Victory!! We are the champions!! Calvert Mall is not in danger anymore!! Well but we cannot really celebrate..some Pkers are going on our nerves and well only one battle has been won but the war ain`t be over yet!! Fights continue in Shuttlebank. Siegfried Deutscher and No Mercy still missing in action!! Also some zeds spotted in West Boundwood. In Yagoton le chef managed to headshot 3 zeds in one go!! Well but the zed activities are a bit worrying east of the Bale Mall. 29 zeds spotted there!!

In the far away outskirts of Vinetown a new unit of the MRBMB has been founded. They start to penentrate Crowbank and Tollyton. This will be our new surrounding tactics. Hold them on their nose and then kick `em from behind!!!

-1-6/6/2006 Battle of Shuttlebank continues!! Especially in the William Avenue Police Department, Club Brookeman and the mobile phone mast!! The northwestern corner of Shuttlebank has been cleared. Also in Eastonwood first battles have been noticed!!!

- 7/6/2006 The fights around the Wild PD in Shuttlebank continue...well at the moment it seems to be a stalemate, but with the help of thousands of survivors streaming in from the malls we will probably make it!!

- 12/6/2006 Another great victory!! Shuttlebank has been liberated!! Club Brookeman has been reopened!! Dance the little headshot dance, my cute little zed!! Our advertisment campaigns in the mall have been a real success!!

Now it is time to liberate Eastonwood!!! Eastonwood is one of the key areas since it is lying directly in the congestion of 3 malls and there are also the neighbouring PD-crowded suburbs of Shuttlebank and Brooke Hills!! If Eastonwood is being taken it would be a reliefe for all the surrounding areas!! The only problem is that the known zed group the Eastonwood Ferals try to ransack the area!! We need to teach them a lesson!! Also Pathetic Bill has been sighted there...would be nice to meet and kick the hell out of him again!!!

- 14/6/2006 The clashes at the border of Eastonwood - Shuttlebank have begun...first members infiltrated the area successfully!! La grande campaign will be a great success!!!

- 15-22/2006 Tough fighting in Eastonwood. With our help lots of buildings have been barricaded!! But the resistance is strong and zeds have started some counter attacks, especially on the Necrotech buildings and hospitals!!. But little by little they got to give in...especially after some reinforcemnts have arrived!! Join the crusade in Eastonwood!! Zed-hunting extreme, yeah baby, yeah baby!!

- 23/6/2006 The Great Council has come together and realtered its strategies....La grande campaign has been a great success!! But after we have taught some zeds a really good lesson of Guerilla supreme Tactics in Eastonwood it is time for a change ....The beginning of annother LA GRANDE CAMPAGAIN. A very secret mission!! Expect the unexpected!!!!!

- 28/7/2006 What a pker hunting 24 hours c138 has been shot twice by us!!The bloody zed friend should start to think about his pking activities, hehehe!!!

- August 2006 - Yeah baby, Pathetic Bill appeared as a zed in Eastonwood and was immediately head shooted by Ailton...that was fun!!! Latest club voting: Club Vagg has been voted as the best club in town!! Join the brain destroying parties of the The Malton Red Berzerk Militia Brigade!! Only punks allowed to enter!! And annother PKer kissed the ground!! c131 got shot by vc zul!! I think slowly these guys must understand the lesson!!

- 21/8/2006 The Warseers-incident: A key example of diplomatic failure and arrogant and ignorant behaviour of a stupidly acting group!!

Well, how it started:

- Our nice neighbours from the Gangsta Business, a group which has a permanent war going on with the Warseers, received permanent VIP-seats in our infamous Club Vagg.

- This occasion seemed to be reason enough that the Warseers-member frigga pked one of our members!!

- We asked for excuse, but the Warseers did not react!!

- We left some taggs to give this strange acting group some hints...!!

- Their reaction was a tag in one of our main clubs, Club Vagg, deliberately violating our warnings not to tagg in that club!!

- A Big mistake.....!!! We can read inbetween the lines!! Enough is enough!! Deadline/Ultimatum started for violating our neutrality, PKing, and tagging in Club Vagg. We expect a very big excuse otherwise we will react to this hostile activity!! Deadline: 23 August 3 pm CET!!! And do not forget we are still not even, since we have not shot any bullet at the Warseers..!!!

- War was not avoidable after R. Cameron Corbet killed one of our members, we had to react and immediately the murderer was sentenced to death!! It was also reported that 2 other warseers kissed the ground!! Well we did not want to let this happen, but enough is enough!! We are open for diplomatic talks!!

- the Warseers casuality list: R. Cameron Corbet a definite PKer, R... Bunny, Moggart, in fog ...something (forgotten), Kittah injured,

- Maybe this is all a great misunderstanding, but one thing is for sure: We want to see the PKer frigga dead!!!!!

- Peace-talks have been started and successfully finished. It is peace now.... Why the incident happened is still not clear. The Malton Red Berzerk Militia Brigade will not shoot any Warseers-player anymore, but will treat frigga and R. Cameron Corbet as PKers for the next week!

9/2006 Yessss!! frigga, one of the Pker among the Warseers, has been announced shot twice by our members recentely!! That is what is happening to cowards, who do not show the respect to our group and our main spots!!

10/2006 The first October week was reserved for partying!! And guess where! There is only one place where it is convenient enough and has the right thrill for is the Pooll Crescent Police Department!! For several evenings we were cleaning our new party room from the zeds, mainly the stupid Eastonwood Ferals and stayed in there for a while. Well as you know partying causes some headaches, especially after the angry zed hordes have strated to increase from one night to the other and stopped our parties for some not understandable reason. In the first night we encountered only 6 zeds, than 8 and now 14! The EF has become a bit worried about its headquarter, hehehehe. But now all our members participating in it have reached Malton's hall of heroes' tales!!

10/2006 The Warseers' spraying actions is really getting on our nerves especially in our nerves. There has been another PKing of one of our members by these idiots. They were accusing us for some Warseer-anti-tags, which we have not been responsible for! But due to the nasty behaviour of some Warseers we start to really appreciate anti-Warseers-tags. Well, but for diplomatic reasons we will not spray any anti-tags, but it makes us smile that we do not seem to be the only ones who are quite annoyed by the silly behaviour of some members of this group!!

Red Berserker`s Mission Board

Dear Red Berzerkers,

The mission status is: Vive la grande campaign - The beginning of our very secret mission - expect the unexpected!!!' - We also do expect some spray can action from Red Berzerkers in our favourite clubs - Shoot Warseers who spray in club Vagg!!

Red Berzerker`s Comments (for anyone who likes to add something)

To the esteemed Red Berzerker's Militia Brigade- You are listed as an active group in Quarlesbank, and we may have trouble soon. As I'm sure you're aware, there has been some trouble at Caiger. Some of the survivor population is expected to pull back to Calvert mall, and as such it may become a target for the Shacknews horde. I know that clubs are really your thing, but remember- without malls, there would be no glowsticks, glow hoops, glow tongue-studs, or glowie plastic bracelets, essentials in any club environment. We hope that we will see you in the suburb soon. --The bluefish 17:24, 10 November 2006 (UTC), Cult of the Red Star

Dear zeds and PKers. Do not think we are stupid...we definetely do not sleep or rest in clubs!!!! But you will always get a warm welcome, if we happen to have one of our brain destroying parties there!!!