The Malton Zookeepers (PZ)

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The Malton Zookeepers (PZ)
Abbreviation: TMZ-PZ
Group Numbers: around 10
Leadership: FlyingSpaghettiMnstr
Recruitment Policy: Recruiting now!
Contact: Public area on our forum

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' Offshoot of TMZ '


The Petting Zoo division of The Malton Zookeepers is an even more elite (read: crazy) division tasked with maintaining the Petting Zoo branches of the Malton Zoo. The Petting Zoo devision was established by TMZ members who felt general zoo conservation principles were simply too hands off in an effort to bring a sense of calm to other parts of the zombie ridden city.


TMZ-PZ maintains the area around each Petting Zoo and provides veterinary services to both Zoo Animals and any humans or zombies who venture in their direction.

Joining The Malton Zookeepers Petting Zoo (PZ) Division

Joining the Malton Zookeepers is easy! First, visit us at our official website, register for an account, and post in the "Join The Malton Zookeepers" thread with your name, profile link, and maybe a little bit about yourself. Next, add The Malton Zookeepers (PZ) to your profile under "Group". Last, you'll be asked to find one of us around one of the two Petting Zoos and say hi so we can make sure you really exist. After that, you're officially a Zookeeper!
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