The Membery Arms

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The Membery Arms
EthrDemon (talk) 03:45, 18 March 2020 (UTC)
the Membery Arms

Barrville [43,41]

the Gumm Building the Tapp Motel a junkyard
Masey Auto Repair the Membery Arms Club Whitting
St. Philomena's Church a carpark Gilling Crescent

Basic Info:

  • Pubs have no internal descriptions, apart from " abandoned pub."
  • Arms can be barricaded normally.


The Membery Arms is currently under the control of The Rambling Drunks, a human group searching for a damn fine drink. After routing the zombie inhabitants of the bar we have set up generators and radio transmitters and now enjoy drinks in all the comforts a drunk could need. The bar also has a rich historical background, which we have maintained for all to enjoy.

The Rambling Drunks copy.jpg The Rambling Drunks!!!
This bar now flows with glorious brew courtesy of The Rambling Drunks

The Current Rules Stand As Follows:

1: That you come in with the intent of drinking, drinking and doing more drinking. This IS a pub after all.

2: That if you feel the need to PK, insult or claim a bounty on a PKer, please do so outside the Membery, preferably near the gutter where the blood can flow unabated, as there is rule #3.

3: No killing in the pub, for ANY reason, PKing, claiming a bounty on a PKer or just plain for a grudge. Let me reiterate: NO KILLING in the Membery! I'm sick of cleaning up the gore.

4: As Rule #1 states, the pub is for drinking and having fun. The current proprieters, The Rambling Drunks and our drinking buddies, The Craske Building International Playboys[1], Axes High[2] and miscellaneous stragglers from the streets of Malton are committed to having a seriously fun time. This is not the place for killing anything or anyone but more brain cells.

5: Last, but not least, read the tags on the wall! We generally have a tag that says "OY! DON"T kill our zombie drinking buddy!" or something to that effect. Without enough character space in the tagline, we cannot include the member ID of the CBIP who is frequently here in the Membery and he is a zombie, Gomorrah ( He is the drinking buddy the tags are referring to. He is a member of the Craske Playboys and is NOT to be killed. Cheers, Reid.

Current Events

the Guest Book

please add yourself to the book so we will remember you when we wake up in 3-5 days

Zombie Propaganda

RRF Department of Homeland Security handles law enforcement in Barhahville.

Human Propaganda

do you think you have what it takes to drink the undead dead again on their home turf?

then swing buy the Membery and give it a go.


The RRF no longer has power over this establishment... though they sometimes drop by for Brains and Chips

Historical Notes

The Membery Arms, in beautiful Barhahville, was a local tavern once owned by Daniel Dahlborg. All guests, zambah or harman, who abided by the following rules were welcome to enjoy the establishment.

Stret3.JPG Amusing Location
This location is on the list of Amusing Locations in Malton

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