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The Mongolian Horde are no longer active. Its group page is preserved for archival purposes. Please do not edit this page. This group was reported inactive on 13:54, 2 January 2009 (UTC) Not Inactive?

The Mongolian Horde
Abbreviation: MONGOL
Group Numbers: Thousands
Leadership: Khans: Huang Xin, Clancey Chaucer(retired), Prof D Bot
Goals: Unite the world under the Great Khan's Spirit Banner!
Recruitment Policy: There's only one decision to make.
Contact: Forum


The Mongolian Horde

Mongolia is a country strategically located between Northern China and Siberian Russia. In the 13th century, Genghis Khan, the Mongolian uniter, created the largest empire of all time. His desendents maintained the empire briefly till into the 14th century. The Mongolian Horde (or the Golden Horde) are the nomadic "People of the Sky and Earth" who are dedicated to returning the glory of the Mongolian Malton!


The Mongolian Horde was founded on March 21st by Clancey Chaucer and Huang Xin in respose to growing factioning amongst the survivors of Malton. Sensing the need to unite the people to drive out the growing zombie threat and create a great empire where trade and technology can be fostered and grow.

Now in control of the suburb of Paynterton, the Mongolian Horde looks to grow beyond there current borders in the form of information trade agreements and full military alliances. The organization created for this purpose was the The Golden Empire.


In the early part of 2007, the Horde seemed on the verge of collapse. Activity was at an all time low and both former Khans had gone on permanent leave (1 retired, 1 disappeared to parts unknown). BUT... there were still a small core of dedicated individuals determined that the Mongolian Horde should not go peacfully into that good night. Now things are stirring... and a rebirth is underway...and though we may be few in number, our strength is great and our friends are many.

Be sure to check out the NEW FORUM (see link)!

Social Aspectations and Lifestyles

In the traditional Mongolian culture, touching blood is a terrible act and the death is an extremely sacred thing. Zombies are a parody of life and are counter to everything holy in Mongolian culture. The Mongolian Horde is dedicated to destroying all zombies in Malton regardless of circumstances of zombification. Necrotech study, however, must continue so that zombies can be cleansed permanently from the city.

Members of the Mongolian Horde are encouraged to drink fermented yak's milk or any form of alcohol avaliable and in large quantities. Also, in keeping with the nomadic lifestyle, members tend to move frequently from place to place, stopping only to re-stock on various supplies.<p> The Mongolian Horde has reclaimed traditional lands with the occupation of Paynterton, the Mongolian Horde has located strategic positions from which all operations take place. One of these is the Robbins Building. This has become a sentimental headquarters of the Mongolian Horde as it was the fall back location in a past infestation of the suburb. Since then, central Mongolian operations eminate from this building.

Goals and Operations

The primary goal of the Mongolian horde is to create a safe environment for people to exist without the threat of the undead. To achieve this goal, we have started a large amount operations.

Past Operations

MongolCon '06
To remove zombie threat on major buildings in the north and most of the south of Paynterton.
Operation Hold the Empire!
Goal - remove the major zombie threat and return stability to the 'burb.

Defunct Operations

Defunct Operations are now once again active.

Current Operation

Operation Night Light
Goal - to place a fueled generator and transmitter in every building in Paynterton
Operation Paint the Town
Goal - tag every building with the word of the Mogolian Horde and the Golden Empire

The Golden Empire

Groups allianced with and under protection of The Mongolian Horde See The Golden Empire

Join the Alliance

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Mongol2.jpg The Mongolian Horde
This User or Group is protected by The Mongolian Horde under the alliance of the The Golden Empire.


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Frequency: 26.55 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: Paynterton


Affiliated With

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