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The Monroeville 100 is the last surviving population in Monroeville as of August 25, 2008. That is 6 months after Monroeville was opened to registration and 10 days after it was closed. This list includes the active Monroeville survivors (from the 29 pre-quarantine survivors to the post-quarantine survivors, as well as the characters created in the last day of registration but not the characters that were idle before then). The names have been slightly modified (at least for the time being, full profile links could be provided at a later date) to protect the innocent. Well played. The fate of The Monroeville 100 survivors who aren't part of the living, active population anymore will be added after their names. This list is similar to Borehamwood's The Borehamwood 100.

Update: As of September 25, a full month after the creation of this list, only 46 of the original 100 survivors can be counted among the active living. Some have idled out, even more fell to the zombies, and a few took their own lifes. Only 9 pre-quarantine survivors remain.

Update 2: As of December 3, 33 of the original 100 are active and alive. The active zombie count has been dropping steadily, so much so that eventually it will be possible to compile a Monroeville Z100 list.

Upadate 3: As of December 30, 17 of the original 100 are active and alive. Only 6 pre-quarantine survivors remain.

Happy Birthday Monroeville! update: 10 of the original MV100 are still active after a whole year since the first outbreaks. There are several outstanding survivors in the 100, but special props go to the oldest survivor in the city (created almost at the same time the city was opened), who remained active throughout the whole year: Old Man Tyree. Among other things, * Old Man Tyree said ..."I'd celebrate by chopping up a dead pig, but the pigs are all dead already." (16 minutes ago)

Upadate 4: As of March 13, 2 of the original 100 are active and alive. Baern Whyte and Evildiehard5. Who will be the last one standing???

Update 5: According to this log, as of April 13, no more of the 100 are still here.--Thepieninja 21:37, 17 April 2009 (BST)

Update 6: Survivors have been reemerging and disappearing again, and once again the list has gone down to two survivors. Nemesis645 17:48, 23 April 2009 (BST)

Update 7: Finally ran out of food and had to abandon my underground fallout shelter where I've been safe since the first quarantine. City is a wasteland. Have been wandering for days, but have yet to see anything other than dead bodies and ruined buildings as far as the eye can see. I have no construction skills, so repairing/rebuilding is impossible. It feels like I might be the last thing moving in the entire city. 3 drinks behind 18:25, 29 January 2010 (MST)

Update 8: Well, I am definitely not the last thing moving in the entire city. Was assaulted by a zed yesterday while I slept in a ruined warehouse (I guess I can leave out the ruined part -- the whole damn city is ruined). I survived, but was badly injured - luckily I wasn't infected. I ran and ran far. Still healing up, but probably best to keep on the move. 3 drinks behind 10:55, 3 February 2010 (MST)

Update 9: Up to this day, Monroeville has never seen its survivor population drop to 0. --Calem 07:01, 17 August 2010 (BST)

the official monroeville 100 song here --Binlaggin 05:06, 10 January 2011 (UTC)

First quarantine survivors

Juicy Jones

Idled out, early Sep.

Arthur Watley

Idled out, mid Sep.

Irish Mafia

Idled out, mid Sep., and thanks anonymous for his leadership, and binlaggin for his pk operations


Idled out, mid Sep., and promises to head shot dude ferguson if it comes back, and thanks irish mafia for his loyalty in the jihad.

Officer Jackson

Idled out, mid Sep., and says sayonara to Little Daddy


Idled out, early Sep.

Susan Powters

Fell while defending her comrades from the Monroeville Many, late Aug.

Juan Jose

Fell while defending his comrades from the Monroeville Many, late Aug.

Thomas D

Fell while hiding in the fields south-east the City


Idled out, mid Sep., Returned late Oct & then idled out again mid March. Would like to say thanks to the many survivors who helped watch my back. May we meet again someday.

Patrice Hermenault

Idled out, early Feb.

Old Man Tyree

Idled out, early March

Kate Ferguson

Idled out, early Dec.

Brad Heisler

Idled out, late Dec.

Jennifer White

Made it to the one-year anversary but was killed in a junkyard ambush. Will be missed greatly by the Monroeville Roamers and the Pool Party.


Sadly his long journey came to an end on 13 April in a pleasant woodland spot at the hands of the very persistent Roger Melly. His corpse is located at the cemetary in West Monroeville [343,20] spraypainted on the tombstone is "Here lies Evildiehard (id:1148637) The last human".


Fell to the zeds while protecting his companions.

Ikotae Farewell

Eaten while sleeping in a psychiatric hospital


Eaten while sleeping next to a newly repaired Archway Mall


Idled out, late Dec.

Federation Trooper

Deceased, fate unknown. Jan.

Killed three zombies before getting killed himself as he made a last stand to save his friends


Idled out, late Sep.

Scooby Dooby Doo

Idled out, late Sep.


Idled out, mid Sep.

Vegas Torpedo

Idled out, late Sep.


Idled out, late Aug.


Idled out, late Aug.


Idled out, late Aug.

Active survivors, levels 2+

Hamilton Hambone

Idled out, mid Sep.

Baern Whyte

Idled out, mid Sep. Returned late Oct, then idled again at end of March 09


Idled out, mid Sep.

Agent Marshall

A victim of human sacrifice.

Johnny Felkir

Eaten while taking an afternoon nap in Oak Hill, late Sep.


Idled out, early Sep.

Eien Hikari

Idled out, early Sep.

Doctor dunno

Idled out, early Sep.


Idled out, mid Sep.


Idled out, early Dec.

Doc Hunter

Deceased, cause unknown. Jan.

Gina Glock

Threw herself out of a window in Oak Hill, late Aug.

Lone Marine

Idled out, late Sep.

Nikola Laszlo

Idled out, Dec.

Orchestral Maneuvers

Idled out, late Dec.


Idled out, early Feb.


Made it to the one-year anversary but was killed in a junkyard ambush.

Slip of the Tongue

Idled out, late Dec.

The last unlucky guy

Deceased, cause unknown, Jan.

Umbrella Scout

He ran out of AP. Eaten alive.

Sir Coop Vancer

Threw himself out of a window, late Aug.

Ms Valla Vance

Threw herself out of a window, late Aug.


Eaten by ferals, late Aug., the last of his group to fall.

Cr ocket

Deceased, cause and date unknown.

John Rutherford

Idled out, early Dec.

Steven 0t

Eaten during the XMAS junkyard massacre.


Idled out, late Dec.

Foster Vaughn

Idled out, early Feb.


Idled out, early Dec.

Michael Barter

Idled out, early Dec.

Dead Guy Ale

Got Caught Sleeping at Hamilton Mansion and found himself on the Menu
Eaten by a member of the Monroeville Many 11/10/08.

Matt Barbet

Zombie hordes mauled him to death.


Idled out, early March

Sgt dont wanna die

died late Sept while leading the way in an attempt to set up a new safe house for his comrades. Outside a factory in west Monroeville is a mural to him [353-31] "Somebody has spraypainted A mural to Sgt Dont Wanna Die...we'll miss you onto a wall." He was known to be one of the last ones out of a safehouse leaving spraypainted messages akin to Super Mario's princess is in another castle or "Just missed us" messages, for the Monroeville many and the Cornfed Undead."


Idled out, early March


Idled out, early Dec.

Sheila Vaughn

Idled out, late Dec.

Anal War

Idled out, early Dec.

Eddy Charles

Idled out, Dec.

Roland de Gilead

Idled out, late Dec.

Umbrella Recon

Idled out, Dec.


Idled out, late Dec.

Deyo two

Idled out, early Dec.

Harvey Cushing

Eaten at the Dierking PD, early Jan.

Frank Horta

Died, cause unknown, late Aug.

Scared and Generic

Went out to search for survivors, never came back. Promised not to involve anyone else with bringing justice to Irish Mafia and plucky surv2. Went missing late Aug.

Lenore Draven

She hurled herself out of a motel window, shocked by the sight of her dear friend RJ Turner becoming a zombie.

Devil May Care

Tired of listening to the many voices inside his head, he laid down to rest. Unfortunately the undead were waiting. Late Aug.

Larry Grim

Cause unknown, late Aug.

RJ Turner

Fell to the zeds while protecting his companions.

Red December

Eaten by ferals, late Aug.

Harold Parker Ness

Threw himself at a horde.

Last man in

Idled out, Dec.

Active level 1 survivors

F the MM

Idled out, Dec.


Eaten during the XMAS junkyard massacre.

The lucky guy

Repaired a building, was so tired he had to take a nap, free lunch for the hungry Zombies.

Desi dewinder

Idled out, early Dec.

Lost dreamer

Idled out, Sep. Returned from idling, Nov. Back to idling, Dec.

Megadeth Metal

Idled out, early Dec.


Idled out, early Dec.

Jane Alkin

Idled out, early Dec.

Plucky surv2

Idled out, mid Sep.


Idled out, mid Sep. 2008. Ristora has been active in Monroeville again since March 2009 and has kept the city count of survivors above 0 (updated Aug. 17 2010).


Idled out, mid Sep.

Sarah Harding

Eaten during the XMAS junkyard massacre.

Sgt Persian

Eaten by ferals, early Sep.


Eaten by ferals, early Sep.

Boyscout Z

Cause unknown


Eaten by ferals, late Aug.

Granma Jones

Shot to death, late Aug. Allah lol
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