The Monroeville Gentlemens' Club

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The Monroeville Gentlemens' Club are a stylish and sexy group of wonderful gentlemen who enjoy a laugh and a good cigar. What they certainly don't enjoy are smelly, rude people, who it appears of recent have taken to the streets in increasing numbers.

The Monroeville Gentlemens' Club
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Abbreviation: MGC
Group Numbers: 20+ (not really)
Leadership: Jerry Westenstein
Goals: See "Our mission".
Recruitment Policy: Simply come along to Reynard Mansion and register interest!
Contact: none

Our Mission

As has been noted of recent that there are a number of very rude people in the vicinity of our locale. They have been seen eating flesh from the dead and the living, and many do not wear jackets. Their smell is offensive, reminiscent of either bad meat or good cheese, and their language so vulgar and coarse as to be indecipherable.

When passing these individuals in the street, we shall give them scathing looks, and occasionally throw small change at them. If approached, the recommended MGC defense method is to hide behind the couch until they go away. If that fails, we simply build barricades as follows...

Barricade Plan

The South End of Reynard Mansion is to be EHB, while the North is to be an entry point, and kept at VSB+2. In the event of aquisition of other properties, all buildings are to be kept VSB+2, and this is only to be increased if a large number of poor people are seen; and even then, only once all Gentlemen are in a safe locale and have reported thusly.

Greenwood Country Club

The secondary objective of the MGC is to aquire all mansions, hotels and country clubs in the Monroeville area. Our first (secondary) objective is the Greenwood Country Club (89/90, 346). The smelly folk are an insult to this wonderous establishment's fine past, and shall be removed with as little fuss as possible.

Artists and Fuel Cans wanted!

Anyone interested in drawing a logo for the MGC would be more than welcome. Remember to keep it classy! Anyone with fuel cans would also be a great help in our setting up, as we have no light of present! What are we, poor?


Our bi-weekly Sexy Party is held on Wednesday and Friday. Anyone is welcome to come along, although a dress code will be enforced. Those refuse to follow will be shot.


March 28th

After much running about in fields, the MGC has found itself in the stylish Reynard Mansion in Newtown. Co-ordinates 72/3, 311. Smelly people count absolute zero! Ah the bliss.

News has arrived however, that smelly people have taken over the Monroeville Country Club, and are wandering about without shoes! This affront will not be allowed to stand; the country club will be taken back, by lawyer if necessary.

March 18th

A large group of smelly people have been sighted in the vicinity, and it is feared that the MGC does not have enough pennies to distribute to them all. As is such, the MGC has relocated to Oak Hill, and are currently running about in the fields getting their jackets dirty.