The Oakes Arms

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The Oakes Arms
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the Oakes Arms

Eastonwood [30,23]

the Smithfield Building
(Darvall Heights)
the Stonnard Building Yeatman Bank
Tayler Lane Police Department
(Darvall Heights)
the Oakes Arms Goodhall Avenue
the Bathe Building
(Darvall Heights)
Club Vagg a carpark

Basic Info:

  • Pubs have no internal descriptions, apart from " abandoned pub."
  • Arms can be barricaded normally.
The Oakes Arms' Coat of Arms


Founded in 1870 by the local brewery, it exchanged hands between various barmen until the Quarantine was enforced, when it was abandoned and fell into ruin.

The Oakes Arms was initially occupied by the Warseers, but with the disappearance of the group in early 2007 the place was abandoned and regularly ruined by zombies. It was reopened by Ad'lan, a Former Warseer, but due to problems with beer supplies and keeping the generator running, it was abandoned a second time, leaving the memorabilia of the Idateriod, and decaying grandeur on the walls.

In Early 2010, it was reopened a Seconded time, and in 2012 again a third time by Ad'lan, but this time, with the assistance of several individual's.

The Pub sign (Now sadly gnawed and needing new paint) is of a huge Green Oak on a shield of Deep Red. The Pub Accepts Pounds Stirling, Currency from the Commonwealth and such Barter Items of equal Value. Refueling the genrator for instance will allow you to drink for free all night.

Price List & Menu Card

know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 26.23 MHz MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: 30,23

Iditariod Specials: Drinks from the Historic Malton Iditarod, in which the barman, owner and operator placed 4th.

"Ottano Nero Del Doppio Di Creak" (Black Creak Double Octane) Widely acknowledged as the "third best" brew in post outbreak Malton. This popularity seems to be due to its relatively mild (but somewhat sharp) flavor, and it's VERY high proof for a Lager. Made in Kinch Heights by the Noyce family, a Italian/German brewing clan. The original 'Black Creek Lagger' was a German recipe from the founding mother of the clan's village. The technique for refining it into 'Black Creak Octane' came from the Pater Familias. It was only after the apocalypse that the double distilling process that creates 'Double Octane' was put into use. *50 Proof.*

"Fantme Tequila De Serpents" (Snakes Ghost Tequila) Created by monks of The Temple of Our Martyred Lady, this some what weak Tequila variant has poisonous snakes rather than cactus worms drowned in it. The brew has a reasonable number of supporters in the continuing argument for top place in Malton's liquor market. Many fans of the drink say the venom gives it more "Kick" and "Adds richness" to the flavor. Reports of poisoning are unconfirmed, or at least have been blamed on the alcohol content. *75 Proof.*

"Kilt Lifter" (Scotch Ale) Nice taste, amusing name, and sold in pint bottles. What more could one ask for? (Hmm... "Pretzels and a kilted companion," you say? Okay. I stand corrected.) Don't know about the availability elsewhere, but if you can find it, buy it. (For the conversation potential of the bottle, if nothing else.) Moylan's Brewing Company (Select your speed, then click on "Brewery" and then "Beers" for a pic of the bottle.) *16 Proof.*

"Normal For Norfolk". This Cider is available on an incredibly small scale, brewed only from apples from a very few orchards and available only in person. Like all other Cider made traditionally in the Eastern region this comes from culinary and dessert apples, quite different from the West Country, where cider apples are used. It lacks the astringency and is stronger at 7.5% with more natural sugars in the dessert apples to convert into alcohol, but easier on the head than West Country ciders with their high tannin levels. The Fiery taste of it complements meals, drinking it cold in the summer or hot and mulled in the winter. Really Hardcore people may wish to try for a bottle of the distilled version, Disc Fans will be pleased to know it has been dubbed, 'Scumble'.

Lagers and Ales: Sold by the pint, or by the bottle

  • Kilt Lifter (Ale)- £1
  • Wherry (Ale)- £1
  • Hofmister (Lager)- £1
  • Brown Bess (Ale)- £1
  • Bass (Ale) - £1

A wide variety of Familiar Brand bottled Beers are availible, -£1.50

Ciders and Wines: Sold by the Pint or by the Bottle

  • Normal For Norfolk (Cider)- £1
  • Scrumpy Jack (Cider)- £1
  • Chataue Alner (Wine)- £6
  • Chataue Pitman (wine)- £4

Cocktails: Sold by the Glass

  • Dark 'n' Stormy- £1
  • Bloody Mary- £1
  • Hobo Surprise- 50p
  • Gin and Tonic- £1
  • Mint Julip- £1
  • Boilermaker- £1
  • Tequila Sunrise- £1
  • Black Russian- £1
  • Pick and Mix-- £1.50, if you can tell us whats in it, we can scrounge it for you.

Spirits: Prices per shot, availible by the pint of request.

  • Whisky- £1
  • Rum- £1
  • Brandy- £1
  • Vodka- £1
  • Gin- £1
  • Absinthe- £1
  • Hobo Juice- 50p
  • Ottano Nero Del Doppio Di Creak-£1.50
  • Fantme Tequila De Serpents-£1.50

Food: Served Daily at Dawn and at Dusk.

  • Stew- £1
  • Sandwich- 50p
  • BarNuts- free<<<< Just don't push it D=<
  • Beef Jerky- 50p
  • Pork Scratchings- 50p
  • Chicken Itchings- 50p
  • BCB's -£1.50, Burnt Crunchy Bits, Our famous fried things.

Barricading Policy

The Oakes Arms is currently at VSB fellow survivors are welcomed.

Radio Transmitter

The Oakes Arms Free Radio has been established on 27.06 MHz, and Broadcasts news reports and whatever records we can find in the ruined city.


Please maintain generator for light, radio, refrigerator and juke box.

Black Board

Feel free to use the black board for messages. Inappropriate messages, spam and nonsense will be deleted by the Oakes Arms staffers

  • help wanted! Aply Within

Escapetovictorymini.jpeg Malton World Cup Committee

Juke Box

Playing Now: Johnny Cash - The Man Comes Around