The Order of the Cricket

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The Order of the Cricket
The Order of the Cricket
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Abbreviation: TOC
Group Numbers: 1
Leadership: none
Goals: to celebrate Malton's pubs and the mighty cricket bat, all in secrecy and coolness
Recruitment Policy: broadcast an interest to join on 27.20
Contact: there is no forum

The Order of the Cricket

This group follows the No meta-gaming policy

Inhabitants of Malton, we have lost our way! Beer and wine can be found throughout the city, but is mostly discarded or, worse, not picked up in the first place! Cricket bats are available in all malls for use against the undead, but they are so often passed over in favor of guns and fire axes! Hours zombie and survivor friends could be spending in the shed behind the house, playing video games, spent fighting!

Out of despair over this state of affairs was The Order of the Cricket founded. The Order of the Cricket is based nowhere, has no structure, and no forum. We exist entirely in-game, and operate autonomously throughout Malton (or we will when we have enough members).

Our goals

1. Use the neglected weapons: the most important is the cricket bat, but basically anything besides guns and axes are important

2. Drink all the beer and wine: beer and wine bottles are not to be discarded as unnecessary, inferior to FAKs. They are to be drunk, immediately, and at all times.

3. Repair all pubs: It's hard to keep pubs safe, thanks to their going dark. But they serve an important purpose, and must be defended.

4. Find zombie friends: It's tough to find a zombie to be friends with, but they're out there somewhere

5. Stay a secret: Besides advertising on the wiki, of course. And listing in your profile. But overall, we're a secret.

Our rules

1. Kill only with a cricket bat: You can use a gun or axe to wear down the zombie, but finish them off with a cricket bat, or other seldom used melee weapon.

2. Repair every pub you find ruined: Ideally this would include also barricading them, but we aren't picky.

3. Pick up and drink beer and wine: Whenever you are in a building that has beer or wine, search for it until you find one, and drink.

4. Be secretive: Don't let anyone know about The Order of the Cricket, don't even try to recruit. All recruitment must occur over radio broadcasts.

5. You can be a member of another group: The Order of the Cricket is not exclusive. If you are already part of a group and don't want to quit, but subscribe to our ideals, just add "TOC" somewhere in your character description.

Our Oath We will be like the cricket, invisible yet impossible to ignore. We will be like the cricket bat, moderately useful but better than nothing. We will let no beer go undrunk, no pub unrepaired, no list of three things go unfinished. We have no home, no stucture, no way of communicating. We will sacrifice efficiency to feel secretive. We are The Order of the Cricket!

How to join We have no forum or headquarters. So to join, broadcast your interest in joining and your current location on radio frequency 27.20. You will receive a response with further instructions.

In order to join, you need a radio, a non-axe melee weapon, and a satellite phone (the satellite phone is a user-created extension you can download).

We can't go into specifics, but you next go through three trials: 1. The trial of healing 2. The trial of drinking 3. The trial of repairing

If you pass all three trials (again, more information on the trials and how to pass them will be given when you contact us), we will meet in person.

There are two ranks: Crickets, and Grand Crickets. All members are Crickets. Those who pass a fourth trial, the trial of friendship, are made Grand Crickets.

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