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Our orders in Malton
Get rid of those fucking idiots and their pink forum!!

The Original Cobra Forum

- [Main Cobra Wiki page]

Contact our staff:
- Annabell Leigh
- Jim Lockwood

COBRA accepts applicants for membership who:

  • Are willing to partake in player killing.
  • Are willing and able to communicate outside of Urban Dead.
  • Are willing to have a good time, all the time.
  • Are not extras from Jem or My Little Pony.

If you think you qualify, leave us a message here or here

[Serious face]

Page made in a fucking rush to stop some dick who spends more time cybering than PK'ing from sullying the awesome name of COBRA

Expect it to be cleaned up shortly.

[/Serious face]


Yeah, Cobra, that's right. Terrorist, killers and crazies united under The Commander and Annabell Leigh. we are the killers that don't pretend to be girls in a desperate attempt to attract new members, drive existing members away because they cant stand the faggotry or feel the need to get into internet cock fights.


wherever the fuck we can get away from this shit.


The Commander and his spokesman, Annabell Leigh

COBRA at War

With 'Cobra'. The pony-wing was booted from the group due to filling the forum full of shit .gifs, hello kitty memes and other unoriginal shit that made even the most misogynistic asshole cringe (you guys know he's actually a guy, right? *shudder*) and generally making the name Cobra a laughing stock, they got butthurt and started using


in a attempt to grief those who didn't give a shit about them personally, and just wanted their forum fuckery gone. Cocks were waved, to no avail. As for us, we prefer to do our talking in the game thanks.

Allies, and those we murder less often than normal

  • RDD – Fellow children of the 80s, and another bunch of people who know how to have a good time.
  • Others - Others to be added over time.


  • My Little Cobra -Yeah, whatever. If you want to pretend to be a 14 year old girl, fuck off to Myspace with the rest of the freaks. I mean... seriously??

A History of Violence

to be filled in when we can be bothered.

Play by Play

  • War with Cobra - Result: Annabell Leigh wins as everyone thinks Spiderzed and his 'friends' pretending to be 14 year old girls is a little bit 'odd'.

Subsiduries of Cobra

COBRA is PK group. More to be added when some dick isn't trying to delete all our redirects.

600px-Cobra.svg.png Cobra / RDD Alliance RDDInsignia copy.png
Yeah, My Little Pony just got fucked by the 80s.
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