The Outsiders

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The Outsiders
Fred sanford pimpin.jpg
Abbreviation: Outsiders
Group Numbers: Unknown
Leadership: The Beyonder
Goals: Exist outside of the Endless Struggle, Complete The Master Task.
Recruitment Policy: See Below
Contact: []

The Outsiders

The Outsiders are the military Branch of The Church Of The Beyonder.

The Outsiders are inependently operating Warrior-Pimps who scour the suburbs of Melton helping survivvors and Pimpin Ho's, spreading the Message of The Beyonder.


There is one Grand Vizir, the Interdimensional entity known as The Beyonder. Outsiders believe that His Will and His Will alone will deliver the Surviving Humans from the Undead scourge. By use of His Tools (Shotgun, Pistol, Fire Axe) the Survivors shall Cleanse the Plague from this land, but only with great loss. By Use Of His Pimphand, and by also Kepping Thy Pimphand Strong, can the Undead be slapped back into submission.

Individual Outsiders operate indepepndent of the Group. Days or weeks can go by without contacting another member, so individuals are expected to be able to exist on their own. Well-rounded skills are prized for these tasks, and Free Running is absolutley necissary. In extreme Circumstances (such as a mall siege or Pking) Outsiders will come to the aid of other Survivors, but then only to rid the area of The GREAT SCOURGE, then they will disperse as quickly as they appeared.

Zombie Outsiders (though few) will continue to fight other Undead, such is their Dedication to The Master Task.

The Master Task

The Outsiders hold dear a Master Task, one that no Human Survivor knows of. This secret is their reason of being, and also their reason of power.

They are pimpin out dead bitches to horny Survivors. Though some may see this as wrong, aint nothin but a p-thang baby...I gots Ta Git Mine.

Eazy-E-Avy.jpg Real Muthafuckin G's
"Cause Da Boyz In Da Hood Iz alwayz Hard, You Come Talkin Dat Shit We'll Pull Ya Card"

This User Is A Certified Gangster, And Has Been Known Not To Play.

Zombie hooker.jpg Zombie Hookers
"Pimpin Aint Easy, 'Specially If They're Dead."

This Group Supports Using Zombie Hookers.

N1042844654 30005206 7904.jpg By The Beyonder's Grace
"The Immortal Pimp, The Red Kool Aid Drinker. All Hail Him."

This Group follows The Church Of The Beyonder.

Some Outsiders

These Outsiders are not currently on a mission For His Exalted Pimping, and their names can be divulged without worry.

  • Classified, all members conducting Operations*

These Are Our Fallen Soldiers, Mourn Them But Do Not Forget Them!





You MUST convert To The Church Of The Beyonder

-In order to join the Order, you simply must put "The Outsiders" tag in your Groups page. You cannot join another group, but may operate with other Survivors with similar goals. If contacted by The Beyonder, or if you recieve The Call, then you MUST summon at the location; regular failure to do so will count you as A Renegade and you will be killed. There have only been one Call to date, and they do not happen often. PK ALL DAY ERDAY NYIUKKAZZZZZ

You must also have either Jheri Curls or a Perm in your appearance. Grills are optional.

We welcome Lower Level Recruits, just send out a call on our frequency or track us down. Last ditch effort you can post on the Burning Stake. We will supply weapons and Health to our new recruits, and you can Apprentice an Outsider if you wish. With the purchase of the Free Running Skill, you will be able to survive and can move on to being an Operative.

Basically, if you want to be a "loner," but at the same time realise that 20 "zeds" after you is all too common in Melton, then Join up.

The Call

the Call is broadcast on radio Frequency 25.93 MHz. It will list location, Name of The Renegade, and other available information. You will then be allowed to PK that player. User information will also be posted here on the Burning Stake (see Below). A Renegade is a punkass bitch who crossed one of our Pimpin Brethren and needs to git checked, quick.

The Burning Stake

May 26th, 2008 -[1] Tis guy needs to die, mostly because his shitty grammar makes me confused! WFT GUY?! --TheBeyonder 20:38, 26 May 2008 (BST) May 23rd, 2008 -Rudebwoy has found an Imperial douchefag in the Mall! GIT EM BOYS! --Jheri Curl Drip 00:37, 24 May 2008 (BST)

May 21st, 2008 -Rudebwoy is staying behind at te Mall to stock the Mczed's. The rest of us are going to meet up with other The Imperium Must Die groups, killing everything in our way....GANGSTA GRIZZZILES I GOT CRABS! 01:22, 22 May 2008 (BST) The Surveyor

May 19th, 2008- A few of our opertives managed to enter The Imperium's "protectorates" undiscovered. We merked 2 randoms out in the street, just fer kicks. We are currently approaching The Mall, both to install the McZeds there and Execute some Imperial Douchenozzles. Kudos to thingonthedoorstep, who managed to sneak up on Gork and infect him while we rested... Sorry about that, Pal! 01:22, 22 May 2008 (BST)[2] May 19th, 2008

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