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Twilight Edgecombe

The True Face of Edgecombe

Suburb of Twilight Edgecombe
Pimbank Peppardville Pitneybank
Roftwood Twilight Edgecombe Pegton
Tollyton Crowbank Vinetown

Twilight Edgecombe location in Malton.


Twilight Edgecmobe map

Known groups in this suburb:
Key buildings in Edgecombe::
  • Police = 4
  • Fire = 2
  • Hospitals = 5
  • NTs = 3
  • Malls = none |


  • Schools = 3
  • Churches = 1
  • Auto Repair = 3
  • Factories = 1
  • Railway Stations = 3
  • Warehouse = 7
  • Junkyards = 7
  • Museums = 1
  • Libraries = 1
  • Clubs = 3
  • Arms = 3
  • Cinema = 3
  • Banks = 2
  • Hotels = 1
  • Buildings = 8
  • Towers = 4


  • Parks = 3
  • Wastelands = 5
  • Streets = 26
  • Carparks = 1
  • Bulletin Boards = 3

Phone Mast: a warehouse [74,54]

Suburb Number: 58

Point Of Interest

Fire Stations


NecroTech Facilities

Police Departments


  • none

Bulletin Boards

Revive Points

Map of the Suburb

The Suburb of Edgecombe
wasteland Tayler Row Copless Grove Railway Station Sargent Crescent Dummett Alley Club Guilford wasteland a junkyard VSB Entryway Club Noake EHB a warehouse EHB Haven
Morrow Lane the Browne Building EHB Haven/NT a junkyard VSB Entryway Whitehead Park the Fruin Building EHB Haven Twitt Plaza a warehouse EHB Haven St. Laurence's Hospital VSB Hussey Lane Mattravers Cinema EHB
Hardisty Auto Repair Abot Towers VSB Entryway Cadbury Bank Tredger Towers the Prankerd Building EHB Haven Lintorn Park Vale Towers VSB Entryway a factory EHB Clapcott Cinema EHB a junkyard VSB Entryway
Moon Way RP wasteland the Peek Arms a warehouse EHB Haven Muirhead Drive Pavy Plaza PD EHB Digby Walk RP the Baxter Building EHB Haven Wenmouth Lane Lawley Walk Railway Station EHB
a junkyard VSB Entryway Rathbone Cinema Gynn Bank the Blencowe Arms a warehouse EHB Haven wasteland a warehouse EHB Haven the Caffin Building EHB Haven/NT Stanbridge Park Vine Grove School EHB
the Somerton Building EHB Haven Gilesi Plaza Bragg Row St. Louis's Hospital VSB Fathers Drive Chanter Alley PD EHB Coomer Square a carpark a junkyard VSB Entryway the Collinns Building EHB Haven
wasteland Denis General Hospital VSB Whitehorn Boulevard a junkyard VSB Entryway Forbes Boulevard Frye Auto Repair EHB Pegg Square Railway Station EHB Sarell Plaza Cape Avenue PD VSB Bunt Place School EHB
Margaret General Hospital VSB Alderson Walk Cornelius Walk a warehouse EHB Haven the Champneys Building EHB Haven Club Somerton St. Ethelbert's Church Southcott Plaza Fire Station VSB a warehouse EHB Haven Stadling Walk PD EHB
Roynon Road Chudleigh Walk the Podger Hotel Keeffe Square the Mallack Museum the Clatworthy Arms the Tredaway Building EHB Haven Pellatt Auto Repair VSB Oldidge Way RP the Maver Building EHB Haven/NT
Pardoe Square Fire Station Trezise Library Brendon Walk Guilford Alley a junkyard VSB Entryway St. Deusdedit's Hospital EHB the Corp Building EHB Haven Cottrill Square Taverner Towers VSB Pollitt Street School EHB
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