The Paisley Family

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The Paisley family is an evangelical family based in Wyke Hills. Their contributions to the local Maltonite Presbyterian Church or MPC led their name to be famous throughout Malton, lending their name to two roads in the said city, Paisley Alley in the zombie infested suburb of Ridleybank and Paisley Road in West Becktown.

Famous members

Rev. Dr. William Paisley, a Presbyterian preacher, migrated to Malton at the turn of the century. He, along with Rev. Andrew Harewood, established St. Celestine's Maltonite Church on the 21st of October 1907, as a way to spread the goodness of God to the many Maltonite immigrants at that time.

Not much is known about him before his migration to Malton, only that he was born on the 23rd of June, 1881 in New York City to Scottish parents; Neil A. Paisley, a Presbyterian minister, and Malvina Paisley, a librarian. He migrated to Wyke Hills, Malton in the year 1905 and for two years, worked at the Alner Library as its assistant librarian. After two years of saving money and with Harewood's cooperation, they established St. Celestine's Maltonite Presbyterian Church.

He spent most of his life making it grow into one of the leading churches in Malton. Eventually, he retired and gave the authority to Rev. Daniel Orendain. However, he was still an Elder of the church and paved the way for its growth until he died in 1947.