The Peace Keepers

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The Peace Keepers
Abbreviation: TPK
Group Numbers: 11 at last count
Leadership: Lightstar
Goals: I. Secure and defend East and West Grayside.

II. Hunt down and slaughter PKers like the bobbitcats they are.

III. Probably kill zeds or something.

Recruitment Policy: Go to East Grayside, find Lightstar, and talk to her. She'll tell you yea or nay.

Mission Statement;

We are the Peace Keepers, and we have made planetfall in East Grayside. We are the Sebacean Elite; warriors without parallel, defenders of truth, justice and order. Marooned on this backward, monster infested world, we strive to bring order out of chaos; we are the vanguard of the empire, and we shall not fail.

Our mission;

I. Secure East and West Grayside, clearing both of any and all zombies.

Ia. Similarly, crack down on PKers. I realize the irony of our name, but we are counter-PKers.

II. Initiate the EPIC QUEST.

III. Have loads of great fun. It's just a game. :D No, really. No need to be 100% serious, it's a game. You're supposed to have fun in a game.

All Peacekeepers dogmatically believe that Malton is on the moon(based on something said in jest that Lightstar saw on the message board two years ago), and they will blindly attack anyone who denies this(or at least mumble angrily and shake their fists).

Recruitment Policy;

The Peace Keepers are a group of loving fascist totalitarians. Just go bug Lightstar. She's in control of most of the alliance's functions. Sell yourself on your merits. No trenchcoating or variant BS plox. If you bug her too much, she might shoot at you. She's unstable due to one too many claws to the head.

Generally open to anyone willing to uphold our ideals of order and good-times-having.


January 23rd


After drop pods were wildly scattered all over the surface of Malton, Lightstar drew all of the First Wave Grots together in East Grayside, where they gather for the next phase of Operation Too Lazy To Think Up A Good Name.

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