The Pearl Arms

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The Pearl Arms
EHB, unlit
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the Pearl Arms

West Boundwood [33,5]

the Badman Building Neot General Hospital Bowerman Way
St. Ethelbert's Church the Pearl Arms The Overton Museum
Wilsdon Row Bowdage Auto Repair Lowther Lane Fire Station

Basic Info:

  • Pubs have no internal descriptions, apart from " abandoned pub."
  • Arms can be barricaded normally.

The Pearl Arms


The pearl in Maltons eye! A beautiful example of ancient architecture, stretching back to the earliest days of Malton, or "Mnnnn" as it was known in those prehistoric times - it's been built upon and expanded by successive generations of the Crabapple family, resulting in a rather eccentric but flamboyantly sumptuous building






The Pearl Arms, The central building of the Crabapple Estate, is better known as Crabapple Manor, home to Lord Crabapple, his family, friends and servants. Although it is private property visitors of distinction and note are welcome to drop in for a sherry or two. The West Boundwood Hunt meet here although these days they have to hunt the undead working classes rather than foxes or deer.

The good Lord welcomes all those who show, through their behaviour, use of the English language and sense of dress, an appearance of good breeding and education.

Any resemblance to a public house are purely coincidental. Obviously, being a civilised sort of chap, the good Lord has a taste for fine beer, hence requiring a full bar service to be available at all times. And a good range of spirits, of course, for variety (or for when the Beer runs out).

The name "the Pearl Arms" refers to the activities of the Philanthropic Lady Pearl Crabapple (1802-1909), famous for giving Beer to starving peasants to keep up their strength. This became known as "Pearl's Alms". When the Manor opened up it's bar in some form of commercial capacity during the 1960's for the tourist trade, the nickname somehow stuck.

The continuation of the misinformation sadly continued following the generous hospitality of Lord Crabapple to a recent group of surveyors, who, partaking of the capacious generosity of the good Lord, were found to be unable to take their pints well, resulting in the misnaming of several buildings pertaining to the Crabapple Estate on official maps and records.

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Barricade Policy

EHB+2 at all times! The undead riffraff must be kept out!

Current Status

Currently quiet

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