The Perryn Building (Dulston)

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The Perryn Building
Clayton Carmine (talk) 18:07, 1 May 2020 (UTC)
the Perryn Building

Dulston [93,1]

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Basic Info:

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The Perryn Building, or the Perryn Veterans Memorial Building, is a home for war veterans located in the suburb of Dulston. The building was named after Brigadier-General Roger van Perryn-Moore (1747-1809), who served with the Black Watch and grew to prominence during the West Indies campaign in 1795. Built in 1949 the Perryn Veterans Memorial Building was "home" to 175 aging war veterans. The home served as a place where the opportunity existed for residents to participate in activities for socializing and staying active such as music therapy, gardening, baking, playing cards, celebrations, shopping trips, Legion visitations and so on.

A bronze cenotaph commemorating those who fought and died in World War I and World War II sits in the Veterans' Memorial Gardens adjacent to the building, a poignant reminder of dedication and service to their country. Prior to the "Malton Incident" the federally appointed members of the Veterans Affairs Committee determined who was eligible for admission to the centre. The building has three bedroom units of 50 beds each while a third unit with 25 beds would have been assigned to veterans diagnosed with any of a wide range of mental problems. All 25 of these beds were equipped with straps to secure patients who suffered from irreversible dementias and were prone to wandering. These days the Perryn Veterans Memorial Building lies deserted with its halls littered with overturned walkers and blood-splattered wheelchairs.

On a historical side note, Fort Perryn was also named after Brigadier-General Perryn-Moore.

Noted NecroTech scientist, Caleb Usher, who once frequented the old building one his way westwards towards Rhodenbank has begun to steer clear after word began to spread that a group of survivors laying claim to the building had gone mad and were killing any survivors who attempted to seek shelter here. When asked to comment on the matter Caleb replied, "It's a sad day when survivors become consumed with bloodlust and turn on their own brothers and sisters. The Dulston Alliance has been informed of their deplorable activities and we can only hope that swift executions will put an end to this madness...".

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