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The Phoenix Division: Elite Operations Unit
Abbreviation PDEOU
Group Numbers Growing Steadily
Leaders Sgt Redfield

Johnny Naylz|

Goals To defend Tollyton, to grow, and to defend the Survivor Security Zone.
Recruitment Policy Registration|
Contact Forum


Created and loyal to defending Tollyton, PDEOU was formed by Sgt. Tripp Redfield and Johnny Naylz a couple years after the zed outbreak. All about law enforcement, we are here to clean Tollyton of PKers, Zeds, and other unlawful people and actions. We accept anyone, and we are needing more and more members - don't hesitate to talk to use about joining or alliances.

Joining The Division

If you're interested in joining us... just follow the next few steps.

  • If you're a human supporter and fight against zeds then you qualify.
  • We accept all - the newcomers and veterans alike.
  • If you apply - follow this. Click on Registration in the groupbox to the right.
  • Go to the site, and register for the group under "Registration".
  • After you post a resume and read the resume guidelines, sign up for the forum.
  • Go ahead and place PDEOU in your group name.
  • Once we confirm your registration, you're in the group, and given access to basic forum information.

We have a basic training program for those who do not have the specific skills for their rank type. This consists of specific orders to be given to BT trainees that generally differs than officers. These assignments are often patrolling Tollyton, keeping up barricades, and recruiting for PDEOU.


Southern Tollyton Quarantine Poster

Pdeouposter.JPG Southern Tollyton Quarantine Unit
PDEOU guards the active quarantine of Southern Tollyton.

SSZlogo2.jpg Survivor Security Zone
PDEOU helps to protect the Survivor Security Zone.
Wriststrong.jpg Wrist Strong
This user or group supports wrist awareness.
Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.
Ubpicon1.gif Uniform Barricading Policy Supporter
This User or Group supports the Uniform Barricading Policy by actively maintaining barricades according to local plan or UBP standard.


We use custom codes and numbers to send short and easy to remember messages. We also have our own encription methods for confidential broadcasts needed to be sent to PDEOU members.

Radiotransmission.gif Phoenix Radio
We use encrypted messages and abbreviated codes. Public Service Announcements, Tollyton zed population updates, PKers, ZKers, GKers and other unlawful players and emergency situation updates are sent regularly on Phoenix Radio.

Frequency: 27.64 MHz


- No current news


Medical Team

- Medics

NecroTech Team

  • NecroTech Branch Leader - Rubbia


We are now accepting allies.


These are the current medals that can be awarded by PDEOU and how you can acquire them.

PDEOU Medal of Honor - Often acquired by showing and going above and beyond in a greatly difficult situation.

PDEOU Medal of Strength - Given to members who get all of the human skills.

PDEOU Medal of Operations - This is given to a member leads a very critical and large successful campaign and mission.

PDEOU Medal of Reliance - acquired by being one of the most trustworthy and most dependable group member.

PDEOU Medal of Intel - Given to a member that is always on task on giving us our war and diplomat intel.

PDEOU Bounty Award - Given to a member who kills a total of 10 known PKers from Rogue Gallery.

PDEOU Science Award - This is given to our best medics and NT workers. Gained by being there to support the group.

PDEOU Revivification Award - Acquired by the member who comes in on a desperate time for revives and quickly and accurately revives not only PDEOU members, but people in general.

Suburb Map of Our Area

The Suburb of Tollyton
Dean Lane wasteland St. Oswald's Church VSB a cemetery RP Candy Avenue Wyche Plaza Power Towers VSB a junkyard VSB Garrow Drive Fire Station VSB Paskin Square Fire Station VSB
the Bryant Building VSB Sweetapple Park the Starr Monument Wimbridge Boulevard Fire Station VSB the Fielding Monument Coy Cinema VSB Kemys Towers EHB Godwin Square School VSB Kelher Walk Dotin Walk
Peter General Hospital VSB Cossins Way Woodroffe Mall EHB Woodroffe Mall EHB a junkyard VSB a warehouse VSB a warehouse EHB Burnham Way Annesley Way Witheroll Crescent
a warehouse VSB Corpe Park Woodroffe Mall EHB Woodroffe Mall EHB Conolly Row Fire Station VSB St. Joachim's Hospital VSB Prowse Way Cunningham Street the Sequeira Motel VSB Humpfries Walk
Zeally Grove a factory VSB the Wakley Building VSB-EP Powsell Road the Prangnell Arms VSB-EP Tavener Library EHB the Pearson Building VSB Diaper Library VSB Club Shearly EHB a warehouse VSB
Basher Row Railway Station EHB Sears Auto Repair VSB the Pettey Monument a warehouse VSB the Sherren Building EHB Kingslake Way St. Boniface's Hospital VSB Bailward Way Collis Towers VSB a carpark
a factory VSB Lovering Avenue Winward Avenue Police Department VSB the Sidoli Building EHB Friend Plaza Police Department VSB Vann Road Errington Crescent RP Cowing Walk Turford Street wasteland
Handel Square Keys Cinema VSB Tatler Lane the Wisby Monument Reeves Bank VSB wasteland the Rayfield Building EHB - NT wasteland Martine Plaza Hamlyn Lane
Keeble Towers EHB St. Ambrose's Church VSB the Mooney Monument Pattmore Road the Wells Building EHB the Chetwynd Monument Lake Street Fire Station VSB Augarde Lane the Ferguson Arms VSB Vann Lane
the Hellier Monument Welsford Park a cemetery RP Norvell Crescent St. Odile's Church VSB Cheal Street Marcus General Hospital VSB Bawden Towers EHB Priestly Grove the Southcott Building VSB


Head Quarters and Radio Tower


Basic Training Head Quarters

Our Hospital

Our Hospital, Fueled By Us, To Help Everyone

PDEOU Forum 

Continue Reading On Our Forum


Survival Guides