The Radnedge Arms

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The Radnedge Arms
QSB, unlit
Danger Updater MDUDC 13:27, 20 February 2019 (UTC)
The Radnedge Arms

Barrville [46,45]

Olivey Library Peat Way Floyde Stadium
a wasteland The Radnedge Arms a junkyard
Brunt Row Elvins Road The Gaston Building

Basic Info:

  • Pubs have no internal descriptions, apart from " abandoned pub."
  • Arms can be barricaded normally.


The Radnedge Arms is currently under the control of The Rambling Drunks, a human group searching for a damn fine drink.

The Rambling Drunks copy.jpg The Rambling Drunks!!!
This bar now flows with glorious brew courtesy of The Rambling Drunks

The Rules

  1. No picking fights (Unless you're drunk)
  2. No barricading (Currently barricaded til we're all safe)

Guests in violation of this code would be given a stern warning and, if erratic behaviour continued, eaten. This is no longer the case.


  • Beer
  • Brains and chips (No longer served!)

Until more staff is hired the proprietor is the one to order from.


RRF Department of Homeland Security handles law enforcement in Barhahville. (The RRF no longer has power over this establishment.)

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