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This is an archive of the Randoms news. Please don't edit it without due reason or permission of The Cheese.

April 2006

  • 1-Apr-2006: The Randoms formed by Cheeseman Muncher
  • 3-Apr-2006: The Randoms relocate to Buttonville following reports of a large scale PKer attack in Gulsonside.
  • 5-Apr-2006: The Randoms set up permanent base in Buttonville.
  • 10-Apr-2006: The Randoms are restructured forming the four divisions
  • 25-Apr-2006: Randoms set up a permanent revive service at the Revive Point at a Wasteland, (47,95) in Buttonville.

June-August 2006

  • June/July 2006: The Randoms bravely battle to rout the Big Bash attack on Buttonville. Failing this they retreat to regroup and are currently fighting for control of the suburb with their allies.
  • August 2006: The Randoms undergo a face lift forming the new squad format.
  • 31-Aug-06: Commander-in-Chief Cheeseman Muncher retired from The Randoms to rejoin the Real World.

September-December 2006

  • 11-Sep-06: Cheeseman Muncher returns from retirement to lead the Randoms once more!!!!
  • 15-Sep-06: Stephano2 retires permanently from The Randoms. He will be sorely missed. Ruan Thomas and Shinosa are promoted to the Rank of General to replace the lost Commander.
  • 10-Oct-06: A large contingent of The Randoms arrives in Kempsterbank to help survivors reclaim the zombie-rich suburb.
  • 13-Oct-06: The Randoms have formed an alliance with FER, TSF, Knights Templar and MORTAL to help secure Kempsterbank, where zombies and humans are in a pitched daily battle for control.
  • 26-Nov-06: The Randoms and the ASB declare Buttonville to be the Independent Suburb of Cheeseville.
  • mid-Dec-06: The Randoms organize "Operation Christmas Tree" vowing to decorate and light up every building in Buttonville by Christmas. Achieved in advance of goal.
  • 28-Dec-06: The Randoms assist allies in Wyke Hills in Operation Fear. Zombie presence was brought under control.

January-February 2007

  • 5-Jan-07: Cheeseman Muncher retires again, "permanently" this time. Ruan, Shinosa and ZaqWer form The First Triumvirate to lead the team.
  • 7-Jan-07: The Randoms assist allies in Williamsville in Operation Bumble Bee.
  • 15-Feb-07: Operation Bumble Bee continues. The Randoms are quelling the zombie threat primarily in Spicer Hills, with some residual work in Williamsville.

March 2007

  • 1-Mar-07: Randoms return to Buttonville as the zombie threat increases there. They have also reorganized from five to four squads with some leadership changes.
  • 8-March-07: The RRF carries on a week-long attack, penetrating Buckley Mall's cades and ransacking much of Buttonville. The Randoms work overtime on revives and barricading.
  • 13-March-07: As the RRF horde moves east, The Randoms begin rebuilding Buttonville in earnest. For all her leadership and morale boostage, Dudemeister is promoted to General.
  • 28-March-07: Dudemeister becomes the first Random in history to run for Mayor of Malton. She represents the newly formed political party DR PHIL - Democrats and Republicans for a Pimp Hat Initiated Legislature.
  • Late March-07: Cheeseman Muncher returns to the leadership of the Randoms again!!

April 2007

  • 1st April-07: The Randoms reach a year old!! To celebrate, Randoms Enterprises is formed.
  • 4th April-07: Angry Hamish, the Cheese Eating Scotsman Doll With Kilt Lifting action goes on sale today. Huge crowds form outside Buckley Mall as both human and zombie alike try to snap up the latest craze to sweep Malton.
  • 6th April-07: Due to a mix up with the suppliers, Angry Hamish is out of stock. Crowds turn to mob rule and refuse to move until the dolls are back on sale.
  • 7th April-07: Buckley Mall is overrun by angry shoppers demanding Angry Hamish dolls. The Randoms valiantly attempt to calm the masses with poetry. And headshots. But mostly poetry.
  • 27th April-07: Twenty days after Buckley Mall falls, The town of Buttonville is much safer, with the mall secured. Rumors and murmurs of a new operation are heard. An operation...called "Waxed Chicken". Also, The Randoms become the 25th largest group, reaching 43 members. Ruan goes bat**** loco crying out "It isn't right! It isn't right!"

May 2007

  • 19th May-07: Operation Waxed Chicken comes to a close in Kinch Heights, but gives birth to Operation Banana Nut Bread in Kempsterbank
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