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The Bakers Of The Apocalypse
Abbreviation: T.B.O.T.A
Group Numbers: 17+
Leadership: Popnfresh
Goals: To destroy all zombies in the city of Malton and provide tasty baked goods.
Recruitment Policy: Speak to Popnfresh, Bakersdozen, or Dunkin'doughnut.
Contact: or in game.

This group has disbanded and in their memory, this page has been added to the Randoms subpages as a mark of respect to our favourite Bakers Buddies. May they rest in peace.

I am Popnfresh, Leader and Master baker of The Bakers Of The Apocalypse group.

Our group is dedicated to fighting the scum that resides in the city of Malton and to provide our allies with a constant supply of fresh baked goods.

We follow a strict code of conduct from our great book of bakers rules and recipes which covers everything from who we may kill to taking our shoes off before entering the bakery and of course the secret bakers herbs and spices. Our code of conduct is to prevent any random killings of other humans of any group or other wise it is also to make sure that every killing and every action is to be up to standard of the counsel of bakers and of course to provide the most tasty bakery goods that are up too state standards.

We will accept a writ of execution on a subject from any person/persons that is able to provide sufficient information for us to find said subject, such as the town they are in and any other information that they may have. We will also do many other jobs such as guarding designated areas wiping out zombie clans or just to make the best dang pastry goods in Malton.

We are a group that has been working out of the town of Buttonville and we like to call it home, we spend most of our time in and around that area.

  • Membership Application

What do you need to do to apply?

You can email us at and answer the following...

  • Your character name ?
  • Your profile number ?
  • Class (military, civilian, scientist) ?
  • Level ?
  • Current location (suburb) ?
  • Reason for wanting to join ?
  • Time zone ?
  • How often do you check your player? ?
  • How did you find our group? ?

  • Command Structure

Under Construction

Abbreviation Rank Description Job
J.T. Janitor Low level, yet to prove themselves. All levels above this rank must have free running.
S.O. Sanitation officer Low level but has shown loyalty to the group and cleaned the bakery’s toilets many times.
D.B. Delivery boy Low level but has displayed dedication to the group and knows his way around the city that he is in.
R.P.M. Rolling pin man Level 5 or higher, must own his own set of rolling pins.
N.S.W. Night shift worker Level 8 or higher, has done something to prove his worth of the rank, must also be able to do a full night shift.
T.T. Taste tester Level 9 or higher, must have a fine tuned pallet.
A.Bkr. Assistant baker Level 10 or higher, must have proven his worth many times and must be of high standards in all of his tasks.
Bkr. Baker Level 15 or higher, has proven to the group that he is willing to do whatever it takes to succeed and has been on many missions.
SGT.Bkr. Sergeant Baker Level 17 or higher, has the highest of standards in every thing he does.
SGT. Sergeant Major Baker Level 19 or higher, proven that he has leadership values.
R.G. Royal guard Level 20 or higher, has proven his worth by no ends and now reaps the rewards, but still has a lot of work to do.
Commander Commanding Baker Level 21, has proven to the counsel of bakers that he is ready for this most noble position.

  • Mission History

Under Construction

  • The Chinchilla's

The Bakers Of The Apocalypse also uses the mysterious group known only as the Chinchilla's as a group of messenger's used to provide communication to towns without Cell phone service and to provide new recruits with their orders and the where to meet the commanding officers.

Smurf.gif Anti Smurf Brigade Member
The Bakers Of The Apocalypse is a member group of The Anti-Smurf Brigade.