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Snake 3.jpg Cheeseman Muncher
In the darkest days of Malton, when your only flatmate was Death and your only greengrocer was Perfidy, the once-wondrous borough of Buttonville needed a hero. With the clatter of horse hooves and a lunchpail he arrived, a Scotsman born under the portent-rich name Coireall Gillebhrìghde Lachlainn MacCallensbreigh, though he would always be remembered in local lore for his love of the cultured foodstuff that restored Buttonville to its previous, calcium-rich greatness. Not content to simply hoard the glory of renewal for himself, Cheeseman Muncher chose to form The Randoms, and South Malton has never looked back.
Darthdude.jpg dudemeister
dudemeister was abandoned by wolves in the suburbs of Malton and subsequently raised by South Malton's native Celts; though she took easily to their ways and customs of kilts and woad-frenzies, she could not shake the nagging feeling that she ought to be biting someone. Expelled from Madame Agatha's Finishing School For Delightful Girls at a young age following a tragic accident which saw her ballet instruction classmates vandalized with marker-mustaches, dudemeister turned to a life of villainy so dastardly even the most thorough of historians (in whose numbers this author flatters himself with inclusion) find themselves reluctant to set it to paper. Today, she has scrambled up from the bowels of infamy to become a respected and cherished leader of the Randoms, commanding a squad of elite zealots who fly into fits of ecstasy at the veriest thought of being asked to murder (or barricade) for their Mistress; the only reminders of her sordid past are her curious attachment to pimp-accoutrement, and the occasional graceful pirouette as she thrusts kitchen utensils into her enemies.
Av-5.jpg Eldredix
Hatched in a rural islandic cabbage patch in at the edges of Malton, Eldredix lived on the leafy veg for eight years, protected from hungry zombies by his pickley smell. But one fateful day, a zombie whose nose had been removed in an unfortunate incident involving a backfiring spray can turned young Eldredix and introduced him to the delights of human flesh; Eldredix - half mad with joy at this new delicious (and decidedly non-leafy) food - began to make his way across Malton, eating many as he went. His reign of terror was halted by a do gooder scientist who revived Eldredix while he was chewing on a bone. The ex-zombie stood up and devoured the scientist in a blinding fit of rage then proceeded to go through the rest of the sleeping inhabitants of the building until he accidentally bit into a strange yellow substance in the pocket of a Random. Thus, Eldredix discovered the beauty of cheese and joined the newly formed ranks of the Randoms, who helped him through his cannibalism. Mostly, anyway.
Gbald.jpg GBald81
The orgins of GBald are a complete mystery. He appeared to be a normal (by Random standards at least) dedicated member when he first joined The Randoms, but then we began to see his true colors. GBald used his lack of hair to fuel his bitterness towards the haired-ones and began to write up genius plans, and show off his brilliance around The Randoms in an effort to usurp the throne from the commanders one at a time. To this day he is still working his way up the ladder slowly, until he can finally lead The Randoms into a glorious ambush against the only people he does not hate in this world; Bald Zombies.
Wikikrae.jpg Krae
Began his Maltonian life as part of the B Team, the Randoms came in contact with him after hearing tales of his wanton opening of cans of whoop-ass. When the valiant B-Team disbanded the Randoms wasted no time in recruiting Krae. Krae brought a special flavour of awesome to the Randoms, like a combination of spicy mango and fried chicken. And that's a damn good flavour.
Hicks.jpg LCpl Hicks
LCpl Hicks was part of an elite squad of soldiers sent into Malton immediately following the outbreak. After his entire squad went over to the enemy after being seduced by a particularly attractive group of zombie girls, Hicks lost his mind and headed south. His new condition however made him an excellent fit for the Randoms, which he joined and quickly rose through the ranks. Eventually Hicks filled the vacany left by the retired Eldredix.
Ruan.jpg Ruan
Our youthful, battle hardened, optimistic, paranoid, peacenik wanna-be, blood soaked, duct tape loving, diplomat. One of the earliest members of The Randoms, this fire fighter still loves his trusty axe and baring his soul in song, proclaiming his love for his wife dudemeister over the radio. With all the cheese and donuts he eats, we're hoping the Necrotech syringes clear his arteries as part of the revivification process.
Atticus-1-.gif Shinosa
Brown and wrinkly on the outside, white and fluffy on the inside and wrapped in tin-foil. What is it? No, it's not a baked potato but pretty close. It's Shinosa, The Randoms' resident Sage. Similar to the potato, Shinosa likes nothing more than to be slowly cooked in the oven till golden brown, cut open and then smeared with a small dollop of Lurpak Butter. His hobbies include reading, knitting and the occasional session of Base Jumping.
Zaqwer.png ZaqWer
ZaqWer was born in Northern Malton many years ago (the exact year is shrouded in mystery) to a mathematician and nurse. They taught little Zaq how to calculate search odds and heal zombie attacks. The neighbors would laugh at ZaqWers family for wasting their were in abundance and zombies weren't real. After the outbreak, his old neighbors were unable to survive and ZaqWer decided to start over. He made the 110AP journey to Buttonville and joined the Randoms, where he teaches search rates and skill trees to new members today.
Vickers.jpg zombie repellent
ZR regained consciousness after yet another wild party at a Millerd Walk Fire Station in Pescodside to find the world around him invaded by the elderly. Twenty minutes later he realized they were actually zombies, as old people didn't usually try to eat his flesh. His nipples, yes, and maybe his crotch, but not his flesh. Driven insane by this development, the intrepid stripper forgot his training and passed out again. Upon RE-regaining consciousness, ZR believed himself to be a firefighter who had simply lost his jacket. Having deluded himself into having a fireman's axe-wielding skills, he managed to lead a fairly productive killing career that earned him his namesake. After finally being felled by one of his intended targets, ZR found a needle from The Randoms' Ruan Thomas, and the rest is history. He shambled his way into Buttonville and established himself as a-well, a member of The Randoms. After the 1st Big Bash, he fell into a 6 month coma but revived in time to rise to a position of Leader of The Randoms' Echo Squad, the proud Heretics(also known as UHOES, the United Heretics of Echo Squad). ZR enjoys knitting at his factory, lovingly known as Sheila. After arising to become one of the commanders of the randoms, he rules over the butt with an IRON COCK.
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