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The Randoms - Foxtrot Squad
Abbreviation: None, we are too awesome to have one.
Group Numbers: 10
Leadership: Daeryon
Goals: Offer help to the Citizens of Malton
Recruitment Policy: Open to anyone who wants to join
Contact: Post any comments and join requests on our Forum [1]. We're always up for a chat in our IRC, currently, #randoms



Captain Daeryon Free Running out of the Bugden Building

Foxtrot Squad is the top secret scientific squad of The Randoms. They operate out of Foxtrot Sector (surprise surprise), which is in the NE of Williamsville.

The current Foxtrot squad is the second incarnation of Foxtrot Squad. The original was formed when the Randoms attempted a move into Williamsville under the command of Cheeseman Muncher. Shortly thereafter within the bowels of Krinks Power Station the Dimensonal Rift Amplification Thingy (D.R.A.T.) was discovered. An apparent government secret project used to power Malton through the creation and exploitation of dimensional rifts, the Randoms investigated it thoroughly, couldn't figure out how to work it, and eventually abandoned the sector.

Foxtrot was later brought back and put under the command of Genomscreams, a scientific genius/madman who was convinced that he could use and control D.R.A.T. A command post was established and all seemed to be going well, until the untimely dissapearance of Genomscreams. Eventually command moved to LCpl Hicks.

LCpl Hicks commanded Foxtrot nobly for quite some time until one day he could no longer be found.

Shortly thereafter Echo Squad invaded Foxtrot. The native Foxtrotters fought back and, seeing their brave stance, Daeryon, The Great Tatro, Jik waffleson and Jaharo James switched sides and joined Foxtrot. Thus, with Daeryon in command, Foxtrot rose to be by far the most important squad in the randoms, despite what the others have to say. Honestly. Believe us. We have cookies.

Eventually Foxtrot and Echo merged into one Übersquad, Echotrot, but each with it's own commander.

Possibly Foxtrot's most famous landmark is D.R.A.T, which is powered by a small LHC, kept safely inside Krinks power station. While usually reliable as a source of cheap, free, consequence free energy, unusual side effects have been known to occur, such as the transport of strange beings into this universe. Unfortunately for the general public of Malton, these creatures often escape. Foxtrot council have offerd a reward for the return of the beings calling themselves "Tatro", and "Exile". They have not yet been caught. It is also considered to be the possible reason for the frequent disappearance of Foxtrot leaders and members. "If you ask me, I think it's that blue knob over there. I never touch it." says Daeryon.

The most recent incident involved the generation of a seemingly Rabid Baby. Not much is known about this insane toddler, and he mauled all the nearby researchers to death and escaped shortly after entering this universe. If seen, Foxtrot council advise keeping a good distance and not alerting it. And running for your life.

Foxtrot are the first responders of the Randoms. Whether it be a hostile zombie invasion or a drunken bar brawl, you can rest assure that someone from Foxtrot will be there. We are the purveyors of pie and the paladins with pimp hats. Foxtrot: Not just a squad but a way of life!

Sector Map

Foxtrot Sector
Silly Grove Younger Crescent
the Luscombe Building a junkyard Forse Library
Milne Row Voke Auto Repair The Bugden Building Shartman Walk Sherstone Walk
Mooney Street Krinks Power Station Krinks Power Station Woodhouse Grove Merryweather Boulevard
The Clayton Building Krinks Power Station Krinks Power Station Condon Boulevard Fire Station The Eastwood Museum
Trask Place a carpark
the Reddrop Monument The Bullor Arms The Jervis Arms