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The Grab Mah Manbagz Challenge of 2007


With the September invasion of Buttonville by LUE, a survivor group called The Randoms has issued a challenge. Each member of The Randoms has been assigned to protect two "manbagz," and zombies are invited to try and "grab zah manbagz" before the time limit runs out.

This page will be used to tally how many manbagz have been claimed by fashion-forward zombies, and how many are still in the protection of their rightful owners. At the end of the time limit, an award will be given to the zombie who has captured the most manbagz.

To chat about the contest or ask questions, check out The Randoms' discussion thread.

How to claim a manbag

If you're a zombie who's killed a Random, just click on the "discussion" tab at the top of this page. Follow the sample claim and post your info in the Talk section. Just be sure to include a link to the screenshot (iWitness is fine) and to your profile.

We'll be keeping a tally of manbag grabbahz on this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can play? Any zombie in Buttonville is invited to join in the fun, and any human can try to claim a manbag from a zombie — so long as that zombie has already swiped a bag.

How do zombies claim manbagz? All you have to do is kill a Random. Sorry, PKing doesn't count. Has to be a zombie-on-Random kill. If you're the lucky zombie, just follow the instructions above on claiming a manbag.

Can a human claim a manbag? Yes, but only from a zombie who has already grabbed one. We'll be keeping a tally on this wiki, so you can easily see which zombies have grabbed bagz.

Why can't PKers claim manbagz from a Random? Because it would just be too darn easy. This challenge is aimed at rewarding our zombah friends who have trudged all the way down to the Button and have been able to crack open the creamy center of our hideouts.

Why only two manbagz per Random? To discourage griefing and also help zombies get to know Buttonville's many fine defenders. It's kind of a Sadie Hawkins type thing.

Doesn't this challenge just encourage zombies to attack The Randoms? Yes. But that's just how we roll.

Zombahz With Manbagz

shramin (2)

Pol Luted (0)

Rorybob (0)

402 (1)

Fred Abberline (0)

Valarian (1)

Malnourish (0)

Randoms And Allies With Three or More Manbagz

Billy McGoggenhammer (3)

Mark15 (3)

Haff CC (3)

SickBodySickMind (3)

Randoms And Allies With Two Manbagz

Cheeseman Muncher Ruan Thomas
ZaqWer Eldredix
GPunk kirmaster Ed Deepneau
Genomscreams Nako521 Zombie Repellent Iomega
Camping Eddy Rob43 Duckfooted2
Chickerific Kiali Warguy5 Sundy
necro medic citrusman Carter Dane
Severinatalyn Maho Tsukai Dizzley Amantus
Guy Lingo TurokTheMightyHunter BettyC
llamar Howard Bentley Jo Harper
Banville AlfonsoPez Munkeyboy
Cretaceous's Gun Bruce1nr badbadspaniard Jeff Traywick
DeadAgain23 Wasabeee Akofus Olain
Jarke Temple Archon989 Jonathon Quimby Koppie CC
Themonkeyman11 CC BlueWaterDragon CC Sacrenough CC
Mandilac CC

Randoms and Allies With One Manbag



me kill pie


Angry Hamish


LCpl Hicks

Randoms and Allies With No Manbagz Left


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