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The Simian Barony
Abbreviation: Barony
Group Numbers: ~
Leadership: Baron remembermylast
Goals: To bring the forces of monkeys and other simians under one rule, and to manage the distribution of orange julius
Recruitment Policy: Accept the rightful rule of the Baron and his minions.
Contact: Forum [1].


And so it was in the summer of our lords, the year 2009, that the loyal soldiers of Charlie Squad lay down their arms in a final motion. Of what brought this on little is known, perhaps the loss of monkeys and Julius supplies being scarce among the ranks sunk morale to all new lows. But their days of fighting were over.

However, one among this gallant squad threw off his dusty, blood covered uniform to expose his shiny codpiece (among other royal trappings). Yes, it seemed that among them was a line of royalty, the Royal line of Simian's Baron Remembermylast. He looked around at the desolate troops and decreed...

"Let us create a new kingdom for ourselves right here. We shall become rich from our Orange Julius and our loyal monkey brethren shall guard us while we drink and make merry within the confines of the Cheesebox (The legendary Random pub). We shall show our fellow Randoms that even among the undead and slightly rabid there can be an air of nobility!"

And so, setting up his court within the confines of Wadley Bank, he began to rule his domain with an iron fist and cheesy foot. Aided by Governor Tenlo Teokle (AKA TenlotheMonkey)watching over the Orange Julius factory and General Pokeitwithastick and his Simian Knights, they began to bring peace to the war torn corner of Buttonville they call home and ensure that all may live free and prosper within the confines of the Simian Barony.

Shortly thereafter they realized that they would need a recorder to chronicle their trials, tribulations and feats of derring-do as they forged their brave, new barony. To this end the Sentinel of Truth was enlisted to witness and record the many tales of these brave fellows as they struggle against their many foes.

Important Locales

Wadley Bank: Home of the royal court of the Barony

Orange Julius Factory: The first, best, and only real source for Orange Julius.

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