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This page contain information of all special operations carried out by The Randoms and The Anti-Smurf Brigade. Please note that no sensitive information such as profile links and building names are contained within.

Operation: Cottage Cheese

Op Leader: Cheeseman Muncher

Op Members: Stephano2, Eldredix, Ruan

Aim: To secure Northern Buttonville using MSN Messenger to co-ordinate movements.

Outcome: Mission Successful. All members proved their worth and secured Buttonville as our first HQ.

Operation: Jelly Doughnut

Op Leader: Cheeseman Muncher

Op Members: Ruan, Eldredix, Zaqwer, John the Baker

Aim: Secure Kinch Heights again using MSN Messenger to co-ordinate movements.

Outcome: Mission was a success. Members worked hard to restore Kinch to survivor hands.

Operation: Intense Justice


Operation leader: Ruan Thomas

Participants: Shinosa. Yep, just Shinosa.

Goals: Barricading, tagging and otherwise improving the newly created Bravo Sector in northeast Buttonville.

Summary: Despite the slim turnout, Ruan and Shinosa locked down northeast Buttonville and made it a better place for survivors. A few resource buildings were generated, barricades were improved, and s'mores were made by a small campfire on the roof of Northup Avenue Railway Station.

Operation: NoName

Operation leader: Ruan Thomas

Participants: Shinosa, Dudemeister, TheGreatCali, Red and Dead, and Vulcana.

Goals: A general sweep of post-Big Bash Buttonville to clear out lingering zombies, barricade buildings and replace outdated tags.

Summary: Much was accomplished by this small band of do-gooders. Barricades were hoisted up, survivors were healed, a PKer was whacked by Ruan, and several parts of Buttonville were better for it.

Operation: Head for the Hills


Target: Wyke Hills

Op Leader: Eldredix

Op Members: KratosAurion, Vulcana, Jess Cutter, GPunk

Aim: To assist Tactical Area Rescue in keeping Wyke Hills secure and to promote TAR through graffiti and face to face info.

Success: The suburb itself was pretty secure. Our biggest problem was that of PKers George Costanza and Mr Socio. TAR tags could be seen across the suburb (also quoting the barricade plan). This Operation has been deemed a success.


Eldredix promoted to Major.

Vulcana promoted to Captain (also because of her rise to leader of Delta Squad).

Jess Cutter promoted to Sergeant.

GPunk promoted to Private First Class.

Kratos Aurion promoted to Private First Class.

Operation: Revival

Revival logo.jpg

Operation Leader: Ruan Thomas

Participants: Shinosa, Dudemeister, Goth42Long, Llamar

Goals: To liberate Pennville and Whittenside from Ferals, in cooridination with FedCom and allies. The Big Bash had left the suburbs in shambles.

Summary: A small band of Randoms trekked through Malton from buttonville to just outside Pennville. They shacked up in an old hobo HQ for awhile before moving into Whittenside to cooridinate the revival of Pennville and Whittenside, with FedCom and other allies per request of FedCom. Ruan and Shinosa arrived on scene first, followed by Dude, Goth and Llamar, and together they cooridinated with the other groups. While working seperately and without an RT op situation, they restored Pennville to fighting capacity and barricaded and restored the buildings in Whittenside after quite a few battles with the "Locals" (I.E. FU, the Feral Undead). While Whittenside still had a long way to go and generally needed an influx of survivors to hold buildings, it was considerably stronger after our visit. So the crew headed back to Buttonville, where Fried Chicken was passed around, stories shared, and no one died. Except Ruan and Goth...maybe Shinosa and Dude as well... Three times.

The following promotions were issued in light of the success of Operation: Revival:

Captains Ruan Thomas and Shinosa promoted to Generals.

Corporal Dudemeister promoted to Sergeant.

PFC Llamar promoted to Lance Corporal.

Private Goth42Long promoted to Private First Class.

Operation: Vandal

Operation: Banana Dance

Operation Leaders: Ruan Thomas and Shinosa

Participants: Ruan, kirmaster, dudemeister, GPunk, mekillpie, Shinosa, Eldredix, Jess Cutter, Krae, Dizzley, TheGreatCali

Goals: To resuce zombie-occupied Kempsterbank, trying to re-secure the area from two major outposts. Priorities on fixing NT buildings, reviving good guys, healing and clearing breaches at resource buildings.

Summary: The operation started at Crawford Towers, where ventures from this safehouse were often accompanied by violent fist shaking at the RNG. A PKer was whacked and some buildings secured as we spilt into two teams and a charity for orphaned puppies was discovered. We ran like terrifically organised chickens through the suburb, clearing and cading and healing and all that stuff. Mekillpie almost died but we saved him so he wouldn't cry. After that when the K-Bank seemed to be holding up without daily brain eatings, we all declared it was the BEST OP EVAR!!! and went home for beer and cheese.


Zaqwer to Colonel

Dudemeister to Lieutenant

Jess Cutter promoted to Sergeant Major

MeKillPie promoted to Corporal

GPunk to Lance Corporal

Chickerific to Lance Corporal (For almost single-handedly keeping the Button secure)

Kirmaster to Private First Class

Dizzley to Private First Class

TheGreatCali to Private First Class

Operation: Belgian Endive

Operation Leader: Shinosa

Participants: Shinosa, GPunk, kirmaster, Falling0612, Marcum Crow, Zaqwer, Leichter, dudemeister, Ruan, mekillpie, Jwalls, Acidskie, the MSLF.

Goals: The MSLF, an ASB member, requested assistance in stopping a zombie takeover of their Williamsville home.

Summary: So we stocked up and invaded Williamsville. There was lots of shooting at zombies and stabbing things. With needles. At revive points. Shinosa got to throw Ruan out of a window. We discovered a secret zombie religious cult who attacked churches instead of useful buildings and lolled at them a while before remembering we were supposed to be helping. Our awesome combined with the MSLF's awesome helped the suburb become lovely and peaceful. The zombies seemed to have grown bored and buggered off so all we had to deal with was lots of overbarricading. Then we shot some beer bottles and went home.


GPunk to Sergeant

Kirmaster to Corporal

Dudemeister to Captain

Me Kill Pie to Sergeant Major

Falling0621 to Lance Corporal

Marcum Crow to Private First Class

Leichter to Private First Class

AcidSkie to Private First Class

Jwalls to Private First Class

Special Recognition:

Pvt. De named Saviour of Williamsville

Operation: Christmas Lights, 2006

Op Leader: n/a

Op Members: All Randoms and many other Buttonville residents

Aim: To celebrate the holidays by generating all buildings in Buttonville and decorate them with newly discovered Christmas lights and holiday shrubbery.

Outcome: Mission Successful. All buildings were lit on Christmas day, nearly all had trees and Christmas lights.

Operation: Bumblebee

Operation: Bionic Button

Operation: Angry Hamish

See: The Randoms/Enterprises/Hamish

Operation: Waxed Chicken

Operation: Banana Nut Bread

Operation: Kittens

Operation Leader: Ruan Thomas

Goals: To remove the PKers from Wyke Hills, and Buttonville if they cross over.

Summary: The Randoms forces divided into three groups and began hunting down PKers in the area that were on the DEMs Rogues Gallery with help from Allies from TAR. The Operation lasted several weeks before eventually it was decided that the PKers had been taught a lesson and the Operation was declared a success.

Participants: Not counting Scouts, the main Participants in the Operation were: Dudemeister, Shinosa, GPunk, Genomscreams, and zombie repellent.

Operation: Grumpy Gandalf

Operation: Sleepy Weasel

Operation: Paradox Prophecy

Operation Leader: GBald81 and Krae?

Goals: To protect Buttonville and Wyke Hills from the RRF and it's undead/pking allies.

Summary: The Randoms kept resource buildings in Buttonville/Wyke Hills clear of zeds while warning the RRF that we have been sent from the future to warn them of their upcoming death. The operation was an ultimate success! The RRF put up a good fight but they ended up leaving the area after constant battles.

Participants: Many Randoms and some allies.

Operation: Panty Raid

Operation Leader: none really

Goals: To kill the gore Corps that have invaded Buttonville/Wyke Hills and to force them to wear clothing.

Summary: This was an operation that was going on at the same time as Paradox Prophecy, but this operation delt strictly with the removal of the Gore Corps. The Gore Corps arrived along with the RRF and The Randoms would report/kill GC members while giving taunts telling them to wear clothes and such. Operation was a great Success! Everyone had a good time during this op including the Gore Corps.

Participants: Shinosa, lcpl Hicks, Mark15, GBald81, Kiali, Sundy, Billy McGoggenhammer, Dudemeister, zombie repellent, Kirmaster, Angry Hamish, Carter Dane, Krae, Nako521, Jonathon Quimby.

Operation: Two-Ton Teuton

Operation Organizer: Krae

Objective: Crashing the LUE feast in Eastern Buttonville.

Summary: Coming as it did on the heels of a combined RRF/Gore Corps epic knock-down drag-out brawl, the LUE invasion from the Northeastern Border found the Randoms under-equipped but already organized and mobilized for action. After the briefest of setbacks at Ranson, Knapton, and the Mall, the Randoms cleanup crews managed to mop up the vomit, refrigerate the leftovers, and right the lamps (one mysteriously free of a shade, unrelated, Shinosa claims, to his new headgear) within days of the start of the "invasion". Unconfirmed sources report "widespread indigestion" among members of the LUE.

Operation: Civil Disturbance

(aka: "Operation: Riotous Smiting" in Delta, "Operation: Smite the Riotous Smiters" in Echo, and "Operation: RIOT!" in Bravo)

Operation Leaders: Dudemeister, Zombie Repellent, Ruan Thomas (pro tem.)

Participants: Delta Squad (partial), Echo Squad, Bravo Squad, Charlie Squad (sporadically)

Objective: Mayhem.

Summary: Getting wind of a long-standing contest between Dudemeister and Zombie Repellent, and interpreting it (some say incorrectly) as heresy against their Sith Mistress, Delta Squad zealots, at the urging of chief psychotic Krae, riot and attack Echo Squad members across Buttonville and Eastern Williamsville (making this, perhaps, the first Operation to range across all of the Randoms' expanded territory). After minor bludgeoning of their own members, a vicious beating of their Squad Leader, and widespread invasion of their Squad Sector, Echo retaliates, forming their own operation to silence the zealots (forswearing all violence, however, against Dudemeister). Perhaps drawn into the conflict by Delta's repeated assaults against a particular factory in the Northeast favored by Zombie Repellent, Bravo Squad enters the fray belatedly under the temporary leadership of diplomat Ruan Thomas, while some members of Charlie Squad take the opportunity to attack anyone they please; Alpha and Foxtrot Squads wisely declare themselves neutral and lock their front doors. At declaration of completion by Field Marshall Cheeseman Muncher (perhaps learning of the so-called "Death Star" being assembled in semi-secrecy deep in Delta Sector from un-named Bothan sources, and seeking to head off escalation), all three squads declare absolute victory and smugly taunt their rivals' "loss".

Operation: Bash This!

Operation Leader: Shinosa

Goals: To repair suburbs hit by the Big Bash 2.

Summary: A large group of Randoms went suburb-to-suburb repairing buildings ruined by the BB2. All the while some Randoms stayed behind in buttonville to guard against local zeds. Many suburbs have been greatly helped by the Randoms with more suburbs to be helped as the BB2 continues to attack suburbs.

Participants: Many, many Randoms.

OutCome: A huge Success. Many suburbs have been greatly helped by the Randoms with more suburbs to be helped as the BB2 continues to attack suburbs.

Operation: Better Banking

(aka: "Operation: GTFO")

Operation: Zombie Polish

(aka: "Señor Shinosa's Finishing School for Wayward Zombies")

Operation Leaders: Krae, with sector-specific instruction from Squad Leaders

Goals: To defend Randoms Territory from the Second Big Bash.

Summary: Recalled from foreign service (see Op. Bash This!) to restock and prepare for the final showdown against the Bash, Randoms readied themselves for war in Williamsville... only to have the Bash deflect off their stony demeanors and impenetrable disapproval, turning back toward Thompson Mall. Though fighting against feral stragglers was fierce in Williamsville, and much of the suburb was ruined, the Bash never succeeded in forcing all survivors out. Disappointed at the truancy, but undaunted, the Randoms quickly recovered their ruined buildings, and pushed all the way to the Western border, cleaning up the trail of destruction.

No sooner had they finished cleaning, however, than reports began to circulate that the Bash was turning again, and heading back for Buckley Mall. Excitement grew, and school instructors began polishing their Disciplining Crops, only to have the Bash once again bounce off their border (this time, the North), and slip right past without daring to engage.

Finally, realizing their oversight, the howling masses of the Bash pulled another turn, and tore through Wyke Hills toward Buckley. Fighting in Bravo and Charlie sectors was extremely fierce, with Delta's NT and surrounding buildings seeing periodic decimation, but Charlie was the only sector to fall entirely, and Alpha was almost completely untouched: after eight days in Buttonville (the longest spent in any location to date in their Trail of Destruction) they arbitrarily (and entirely falsely) declared the suburb "ruined" and fled the area, leaving only lost or confused ferals to breach the occasional building.

After close to a month of constant combat, the Randoms (along with allies The Dribbling Beavers and, briefly, The Fortress) were never entirely sacked, and claim the singular honor of repulsing the Second Big Bash thrice.

Operation: Jolly Lights, 2007

Goal: To bring holiday cheer to all of The Randoms' territory with a tree and working holiday lights in every building.

Participants: Wide participation among the Randoms.

Outcome: Mission Successful. As of December 20th, all buildings were lit, treed, and had running generators. The Randoms kept busy in the following days refueling generators and replacing items destroyed by grinches for nearly 100% on Christmas day.


Operation: New Year's Resolution

Operation Leader: GBald81

Participants: GBald81, Poke It With A Stick, Warguy5, lCplHicks, Angry Hamish, Daeryon, Krae, a butt, Akofus, Ruan, Mark15, Howard Bentley, camping eddy, Drakarus, Maho Tsukai, Ailin Zhang, BradDarkener, Kiali, Zaqwer (from a distance)

Goal: Help a Zombie Horde in Daversbank keep their New Year's resolution of not eating people.

Result: Many Randoms were eaten. Bad zombies! A side effect of this operation was unleashing The Daeryon Effect on an unprepared Malton.

Operation: Buckshot Eviction

Organizer: Billy McGoggenhammer

Participants: Billy McGoggenhammer, lcplHicks, Krae, Ruan, banshee00, GBald81, Mark15, Maho Tsukai, Poke It With A Stick, zombie repellent, SickBodySickMind

Goal: Kill PKers in Random Territory.

Result: The Tables were turned and lots of PKers were introduced to buckshot.

Operation: Jelly Doughnut II

Organizer: Cheeseman Muncher.

Participants: Krae, lCplHicks, Daeryon, Zaqwer, Poke It With a Stick, Flaming Pie, Zombie Repellent, Mark15, Angry Hamish, BradDarkener, Ailin Zhang, Raven444, Kiali,

Goal: Retaking the Mayer and Missen buildings, securing Williamsville.

Result: Great success...until the Dead came through.

Operation: Fertilized Fan

Organizer: Ruan.

Participants: Virtually every active Random.

Goal: Keep Malton alive by surviving the March of the Dead.

Summary: In March of 2008 as the Big Bash was winding down,The Dead, a 1000 member zombie group swept through Malton. Like a large tidal wave headed south a horde of zombies like never seen before swept toward Williamsville and Buttonville. The Randoms fought for their lives, and some say for the game at large, as survivor numbers dipped to lows never seen before. The first wave came through as PKers who targeted most of Random command. When the actual zombies arrived at least 50% of Random command were already incapacitated. The zombie horde then tore through the suburbs killing virtually everyone that remained. The following weeks consisted of the Randoms organizing revive chains, living in ruined buildings, and trying desperately to regain a foothold in a city that was almost completely wrecked.

Result: Eventually and painfully Buttonville and Williamsville were recaptured from the zombies.

Operation: That's what she SEDS

Organizers: Krae (SEDS/Delta), Daeryon (Echo), LCplHicks (Foxtrot/Bravo), Ruan (Randoms Command).

Participants: Delta Squad, Echo Squad, Bravo Squad, random members of Foxtrot, Charlie and Alpha Squads.

Summary: The ongoing war between Echo and the squad formerly known as Delta (now known as SEDS) expanded to a large-scale conflict when Random command authorized a full attack on the SEDS. Echo joined in heartily (as frequent border-skirmishes were now commonplace anyway) and various members of other squads tore through the suburbs smacking each other with blunt instruments.

Result: Orange Julius was withheld from SEDS. A war-crimes tribunal was held, and eventually SEDS was reborn again within the Randoms as Delta Squad.

Operation: Was that the wind?

Organizer: Ruan.

Participants: Many Randoms.

Goal: Take out the Malton Globetrotters who came to the nieghborhood.

Result: Lots of mayhem and back and forth killing.

Operation: Picnic Liberation

Organizer: Ruan

Participants: A BUNCH of Randoms (and allies).

Goal: Bring picnic baskets and picnics to the beseiged Darvell Heights.

Result: A long back and forth battle with zombie hordes. Eventually it was decided that despite our best efforts, and best picnic basket treats, that Darvell Heights was pretty screwed. Back home for the Randoms!

Operation: *Insert Clever Title Here*

Organizer: The Great Tatro

Participants: More Randoms than I care to name.

Goal: Defend Williamsville from the M.O.B.

Result: The M.O.B. came...sacked...and left. And things were repaired like they were never there. Pretty good all things considered.

Operation: Truffle Shuffle

Organizer: The Great Tatro

Participants: Krae, zombie repellent, Carter Dane, Da Ninja, Maho Tsukai, kirmaster, Dorten, dudemeister, Mithos Yggdrasill, Jik Waffleson, remembermylast, Exile1043

Goal: Clean up buttonville while everyone else is out picnicing.

Result: Things made squeaky clean!

Operation: Merry Meerkat

Organizer: Cheeseman Muncher and then Flaming Pie.

Participants: Many Randoms.

Goal: A large-scale tour of Malton is planned, stopping by and fixing up many suburbs. Grand maps are drawn. Bold propositions are proposed.

Result: The Randoms sallied into Scarletwood (first stop on the world tour) and.....walk right into a horde. The Randoms fall back...and fall back...and fall back...and next thing you know we were right back in Buttonville. Operation aborted.

Operation: Honey Toast

Organizer: Maho Tsukai

Participants: Most Randoms.

Goal: Defend Buttonville and Williamsville from the horde that kicked operation Merry Meerkat's behind. With most Randoms on Meerkat retreating ahead (or just behind) the horde, the Randoms were at full strength.

Result: A good defense of the burb was maintained, and after the bad guys went through things were cleaned up pretty quick.

Operation: Jolly Lights 2008

Operation Leader: Zaqwer

Participants: Lots O' Randoms.

Summary: Yet again joy and lights are brought to Buttonville and Williamsville.

Operation: Ghostly Grigg

Operation Leader: Angry Hamish

Participants: Angry Hamish, Daeryon, Akofus, PokeitwithaStick, Remembermylast, Exile1043, Ash Brimstone, Howard Bentley, Krae, Tenloe, Larr Gota, Insidiousbook worm,and special guest June Summers.

Objective: Solve a mystery in Grigg Heights.

Summary: Mystery solved, Grigg Heights abandoned for Crooketon.

Operation: Crooke All-In

Leaders: Angry Hamish, Akofus

Participants: Many Randoms, also members of 404: Barhah not found, the D.E.M., The Fortress, and Breach of Peace. (and special guest star June Summers)

Objective: Assist some allies in reclaiming Grigg Heights and Crooketon.

Summary: The Merson Building was reclaimed, which set off a celebratory (clothing optional) party in the Necrotech building. The infectious groove of the party spread to the local suburbs (as all the zombies collected at Merson) and at operation's close easily 90% of the area was caded and secure. What was once a wasteland made whole again!

Operation: Alien Probe

Leaders: Daeryon, Akofus

Participants: Akofus, Daeryon, Insidious Book Worm, Angry Hamish, RemembermyLast, The Great Tatro, Tenlothemonkey

Objective Assist against the M.O.B. in the Blythvilles. (Secret mission from the Intergalatic Federation is to use alien probes on as many of the MOB as possible).

Summary Many a M.O.B. member felt the greasy pushing of the probes this day. Akofus proved beyond all doubt that he was the master of probing unwilling passers-by.

Operation: Zombie Union

Leaders: Angry Hamish

Participants: A whooooole lotta Randoms.

Objective After the legalization of zombie marriage by the powers that be, the Randoms embraced this new cultural change by performing as many zombie marriages as possible during Mall Tour's assault on Buttonville Mall.

Summary After Daeryon performed the first-ever historic wedding of two of the undead, the floodgates opened. At least 7 different zombie weddings were performed.

Operation: Random Snatchers

Leaders: Dudemeister, Zombie Repellent

Participants: The usual suspects.

Objective Harass and annoy the Communist Party Malton, as they were annoying and harassing us.

Summary We annoyed them so effectively they are STILL Pking us. HAHAHAHAHA!

Operation: WAISTED

Leaders: Shinosa

Participants: A ton of Randoms

Objective Shinosa's wake being held at Griffith Park turns into an armed defense of the park after Shinosa shows up at his own memorial and organizes defenses.

Summary Many randoms died quite senselessly during this op after it was determined that no matter how hard you wish it, and no matter how much graffitti you spray saying "Keep Park at EHB", you cannot barricade a park. This operation is considered a smashing success.

Operation: AOTOTSS

Leaders: Mithos Yggdrasil

Participants: A bunch.

Objective A bunch of Randoms gathered gladitorial-style in a junkyard and beat each other senseless with blunt instruments.

Summary Epic mindless violence. It was taped for a Pay-per-view special by Randoms Enterprises.

Operation: Scotland Forever

Leaders: Daeryon


Objective Classified.

Summary Ongoing.


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