The Red Strike Force

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The Red Strike Force
Abbreviation: RSF
Group Numbers: None
Leadership: John Garai
Goals: None; disbanded
Recruitment Policy: Closed
Contact: No contact information available; group disbanded


The Red Strike Force was a group formed by survivors from all parts of Malton on November 3, 2005. It used no permanent base, instead moving around the city, but operated primarily through Dunell Hills, West Becktown, and Molebank areas before they were abandoned and overrun.

In mid-November, the RSF joined the New Maltonian Dynasty network of groups. Most notably, it participated in the mass revive operation of December 3, reviving slightly more than 40 zombies in a few hours. All in all, the NMD probably revived 450 to 500 zombies, though this operation probably did not significantly affect the zombie population of Malton for more than a few days.

The RSF was split up on January 5, 2006, when a group of zombies broke into Urben Alley Fire Station,a temporary safehouse, and caused them to make a disorderly evacuation. The group, which at it's height consisted of nearly two dozen members, was all but wiped out, reduced to roughly seven members who are known to have survived the evacuation. Those who survived reunited in Dunell Hills in late January to make new plans. The members attempted to recruit more into the group to replace those who were lost. Unfortunately, the group ran into trouble when one member, Soalmnus, was killed by the PK group Mercenaries at random. This sparked a minor conflict with the remaining RSF members, who killed a Mercenary in retaliation.

It was here when, after a vote, the group was disbanded on February 20, 2006. Group Leader John Garai stayed in Dunell Hills and joined the Dunell Hills Police Department not long after, while the rest of the RSF went their separate ways.

List of membership

Note: The following list is from memory, and shows the former members of the RSF, their current condition, and possible whereabouts in Malton. Please note that a majority of these accounts are now inactive, with the exception of Garai, Logan, myself, Band, Yorah, and Magic Man. --SebastianColfax 03:22, 23 March 2008 (UTC)

The following Seven survived the raid on January 5th, 2006.

John Garai- Alive. A former member of Dunell Hills Police Department, Alpha Squad. He is currently wandering Malton, his whereabouts are unknown.

GabeLogan- Alive. Was last seen at the Ackland Mall in Havercroft, current whereabouts are unknown.

SebastianColfax - Alive. Survived the raid on January 5th and one of the members to vote for disbandment on Feb 20th. Killed two Pkers before being betrayed by a group in a safehouse in Wood Grove Fire Station in Richmond Hills before being revived years later. Currently in Ackland Mall.

Perrin- Dead. After the RSF disbanded, Perrin was was killed at Shore Hills by a Pker of unknown affiliation.

Alice Band- Alive. Survivor of the raid and voted for disbandment, and a former member of The London Underground. Current whereabouts are unknown.

Scott Yorah- Alive. After the RSF disbanded, he joined The Black Berets, situated in Galbraith Hills. Current whereabouts are unknown.

Soalmnus- Dead. Killed by the Pk group Mercenaries before the vote of disbandment sometime in January, 2006.

The following members perished, or went MIA during the zombie raid on January 5th, 2006.

Tin Tin the Great

Magic Man


Rex Urbis

Zombie Nation

Neal Sheppard

Luke Sanders

Jerome Segers


Noel of the Fury


Quan Tee



Weapon X

The following members perished during the Revive Operation of December 3rd, 2005.

Heathcliff Huxtable


John Silver


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