The Rees Building

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The Rees Building
Soccerfan667 (talk) 08:07, 27 October 2021 (UTC)
the Rees Building

Ruddlebank [10, 84]

the Barnefield Monument
(Foulkes Village)
St. Maximillian's Church Breeze Street
the Hinckesman Building
(Foulkes Village)
the Rees Building the Selway Building
the Burdett Building
(Foulkes Village)
the Hobby Building Dirkinson Street

Basic Info:


A particularly tall office building, shaped like a square with a concave indent lined with dirty windows into empty cubicles.


Once housing a modest-sized marketing company, the Rees Building once was housing for dozens of frightened desk-jockeys as the zombie apocalypse set upon Malton. It is said that beneath the building is a fallout shelter with a heavy door that shut out the chaos but shut in the madness to come. Those office workers were faced with the terrifying reality of survival in isolation, instead of fantasies of convenience offered by the products they once sold.

The office managers insisted on maintaining a chain-of-command that appeared to include organizing the processing of anyone that perished into portions to be mixed in with whatever survival supplies present to extend their food stocks. Sadly, those supplies were already decades past their expiration date and the foul-tasting daily rations that came from expired food and human remains didn't sit well with the office workers. Getting "fired" took on a whole new meaning as their numbers began to lessen. The screams, groans and calamity that could be faintly heard sometimes through the ventilation ducts only seemed to reinforce the belief that however awful their existence was, the horrors outdoors just had to be worse. Thus they carried on for months, never seeing any zombies, but what they became seemed far worse. Here there was no revivification, no comfort, no standing up once someone fell.

Later, a survivor group looking for a place to hole up found that gruesome scene of semi-organized cannibalism upon re-opening that door. They began to wonder if all of Malton would degrade that far someday. Too afraid to come out, and too afraid to leave, Trapped. In fear...

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