The Reformed Order of the Grim Reaper

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May the Grim One protect us all.

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The Grim Reaper


Head Priest Always Late and Head Priestess Minas Morgul


To achieve world domination


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The Reformed Order of the Grim Reaper

The Reformed Order of the Grim Reaper is a small group containing only 11 active members. The members are devoted to their Master, the Grim Reaper, whom, according to them, is the Master of both Life and Death. They have chosen to prove their trust in Him by sacrificing a willing member of the own order once in a while, but at the same time are they trying to have a friendly relation with their neighbours. They are mostly considered to be freaky and irritating, but except this are they quite welcomed by their fellow beings as both healers and revivers.


Rawkins Row Police Department in Pashenton was chosen as residence for the Reformed Order of the Grim Reaper by our cruel Master Himself. Here we shall dwell until the end of time, or until He decides otherwise. Herreminlivtagare!

The TROG Mission Statement

To roam Malton in search of new adepts to sacrifice upon the altar of the Grim Lord himself. We are a Pro-survivor group and only true, willing followers of the Grim Lord may be sacrificed.

The beginning of the Order


* 21/6 2010 After the recent events related to THE ESCAPE it would appear that the fate of His Order is uncertain, for the moment it seems to lay dormant with a missing Head Priest and Priestess. Perhaps one day soon it shall rise again to it's former glory in Pashenton. May the Grim One forever influence Malton...
* 27/7 2009 The Head Priestess returned from her missionary trip to the Scottish highlands and found the news section poorly updated. She wishes to announce that He has reached another soul: the one of OfficerWolf, now a servant of the Black Robed Skeleton!
* 16/7 2009 The infidel Solid Soup PKed Always Late and attempted murder on Minas Morgul Proof
* 15/7 2009 The Holy Sacrifice was conducted Holy Sacrifice
* 13/7 2009 Our brother DarkSnakeBeard was brutally murdered by Officer Sunshine, proof is found here PKing of DSB
* 12/7 2009 A date has been set for the next Holy Sacrifice, July 15.
* 11/7 2009 The wiki has been resting for quite some time but is now back on track.
* Older news are kept in the archives.
* 13/11 2007 TROG was created.

Under construction

You may have noticed that some parts are missing. These parts will be present eventually in the course of time, thank you for your patience.


The TROG ideology.


Member list.


How to become one of His adepts.

News Archive

Older news


The Holy Ritual uncovered


Hymns and prayers dedicated to His boniness


Alliances blessed by the Grim Reaper


Enemies of the Reaper


Policies supported by the Grim One

Some elements are "borrowed" from the Ridleybank Resistance Front and the Philosophe Knights. Thank you.

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