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The Regiment Order of Battle

The Regiment is current organized as follows.

The Regiment HQ (REGHQ)

Commanded by: Danny Lee

The Regiment HQ is the parent HQ which controls attached sub-units. The REGHQ is responsible for overall mission-planning and macro-execution.

SIGberet.png 1st Signal Detachment (1SIG)

Commanded by: Whomeyayou
Attached To: REGHQ
Unit Motto - "Can You Hear Me Now?"

The 1st Signal Detachment is responsible for facilitating command and control between the REGHQ and battlefield elements. 1SIG establishes and maintain the Regiment's Radio network, serving as a vital communication node in the chain of command.

FORberet.png 1st Forward Reconnaissance Section (1FOR)

Commanded by: Clint Clintstone
Attached To: REGHQ
Unit Motto - "1FOR: One for the Road."

1FOR is a 2-man Recon section responsible for carrying out reconnaissance duties for the REGHQ, providing information which is vital for pre-mission planning. During the mission-phase, 1FOR acts as a reserve element, supporting the fire teams as needed.

1st Rifle Section (1SEC)

Commanded by: N/A
Attached To: REGHQ

The 1st Rifle Section is a phantom formation organized to facilitate macro-control of fire teams by the REGHQ.

RRCberet.png Fire Team ABLE (FTA)

Commanded by: daniel181
Attached To: 1SEC
Unit Motto - "Ready And."

ABLE had its start not a true fire team, but as a primary reserve and reaction force under the direct command of the Regiment CO. Currently, ABLE is an independent fire team and the Regiment's senior formation.

RRCberet.png Fire Team BAKER (FTB)

Commanded by: Eight of Spades
Attached To: 1SEC
Unit Motto - "Let Them Eat Lead."

BAKER is a fully-manned fire team, and serve as the Regiment's main spearhead.

Regiment Pool

The Regiment Pool is a holding unit for those who are not yet assigned to a permanent Regimental Unit, or are in the process of enlisting.

Enlist Today!

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