The Regulators

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The Regulators
Abbreviation: T.R.
Group Numbers: 25 Active members
Leadership: Valentine Lamean & Xavier Dorn
Goals: To survive the Zombie threat, in style
Recruitment Policy: Apply at


Note: The Regulators are active in Peddlesden Village. 21:58, 8 June 2007 (BST)

A group of like minded individuals with the ideal of staying alive for as long as possible. Group structure is organised in a fairly civilian manner with all members helping out how ever they can. Most decisions are made democratically through a vote system and provide all members a chance to experience a fun and easy In Character and Out of Character experience.

The Regulators have established their first major outpost and are in the stages of claiming the surrounding territory as their own. Since their arrival Zombie numbers have been notably reduced, much to the satisfaction of several groups in the area.

it appears that recently there has been very little activity and they may have disbanded.


Some of The Regulators have been helping DHPD recently in Eastonwood and have been in contact with DFO-C Badassmom. I'm unsure of the status of the group as a whole but thanks to M190, NecroKupa, and Texas Ranger for their assistance. Also, Bunter Street PD is being secured by Officer Cisisero and others of the DHPD, since this is the HQ of The Regulators we'd like to encourage them to return if they are so inclined. The Regulators are now back and starting to recrute again. Buntner street PD is the headquarters. DHPD-PRC FmrPFCBob 02:56, 1 October 2006 (BST)

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