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The Renegades use the following training program for getting new recruits up to speed and ready for success in the post-apocalyptic world. The training program is customized for each new recruit, and is not required for those already over level 5.

Training Program Curriculum

  1. Mobility
  2. Communication
  3. XP Earning Potential
  4. Suburb Knowledge
  5. Renegades History


The highest priority for all recruits is to learn the Free Running skill. This gets recruits off the streets and into the free running lanes allowing for visits to Renegades HQ and most resource buildings.


Next task is to find a mobile phone and add all current Renegades members to your contacts so we can keep in contact.

XP Earning Potential

After becoming highly mobile and in contact with Renegades personnel, it's time to learn the skills necessary for earning XP and rapid advancement. Recruits are encouraged to select one the following paths to earning XP:

  1. Hand to hand combat - swing that axe
  2. Gunplay - bang, bang.
  3. NecroTech - poking zombies is fun!
  4. Medic - heal your way to higher levels

Recruits should advance to at least level 5 while participating in the training program.

Suburb Knowledge

Now it's time to learn your way around the suburb by visiting key locations (St. Luke's Hospital, Haag Plaza Police Department, Dix Place - the most active nearby revive point, The Chaffin Building and The Dobbs Building - local NecroTech facilities, The Crang Building - the suburb's mobile phone mast, and Pole Mall).

Renegades History

The last step in the training program is studying up on our proud history. Tasks include perusing the wiki, visiting our other branches, and paying homage at key historical locations. To complete your training in Renegades History you'll need to visit:

  1. Atway Auto Repair - our original base
  2. Gotch Plaza Police Department - birthplace of the Renegades
  3. Shiplow Library - site of a massacre where many Renegades died fighting
  4. Beville Auto Repair - former Tapton base
  5. Triggs Auto Repair - Former Tapton base


Graduates of the Renegades' training program are full-fledged members of the group and are ready to report to HQ for assignments. Graduation is celebrated with one hell of a BBQ in Renegades HQ.

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