The Revenant

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The Revenant
Abbreviation: TR
Group Numbers: No one knows the true body count.
Leadership: We shamble as one. No leader needed.
Goals: Eliminate anything with a pulse.
Recruitment Policy: If you're dead we'll count your head.
Contact: Email us at OR visit the froum at

"We are the Revenant, we will rise up from the dead. We'll become the living. We'll come back to reclaim our stolen breath."

Little is known about the formation of this group or even it's undead followers. What has been documented is that they first gathered in Southern Pitneybank. Their groans echoing off the buildings & increasing as that cold November night wore on. By morning several blocks had been torn into and their inhabitants were pulled apart. While most of the group are categorized as "Rotters" there are non-rotters among them. The group does seem to be highly co-ordinated and headshots will only keep them down for a temporary amount of time. They are a relentless group of the undead rebels. Always hungry, always waiting and always looking too raise some Hell.


MAY 2008

May 3rd:Back from the grave come two original members of the Revenant. They are looking for new cold bodies to join their ranks and help them dine on the wonderful assortment of juicy harmanz within' Fort Creedy. Can you hear the groans? Or is that just your stomach? Either way this is a call. Itchy. Itchy. Tasty. Tasty. --Night of the Me 11:34


February 28th, 2007:Since Fort Creedy is currently COMPLETELY EMPTY of survivors & seeing how it looks like the 2007 Mall Tour may be stoppng by Giddings shortly. We, the Revenant are currently groaning to one another to see about giving them a head start. I guess if we decide too you'll see us around. Regardless, Goodluck Giddings!--Night of the Me 11:34

Februrary 24th, 2007:The group is now calling Fort Creedy as it's home. Any survivors wanting to try to take it will be groaned at, dragged around & then eaten. In that order. Creedy is our turf.--Night of the Me 11:34

February 21st, 2007:Fort Creedy is devoid of any human life, the Gatehouse door creaks as the wind blows. The moans of the Revenant can be heard from within'.--Night of the Me 11:34



December 21st, 2006:Memberz of the Revenant are making their way down to the suburb of East Grayside to help bring in the New Year with fellow zed group The_Rotting_Revolution. Since Pitneybank is in complete zed control we figured we could take a vaction for a while and get a TASTE of another area of Malton.--Night of the Me 11:34

December 18th, 2006:The walls in the mall all totally, totally fall. Itchy. Itchy. Tasty. Tasty. --Night of the Me 11:34

December 17th, 2006:It'z only a matter of time. The mall will fall. Itchy. Itchy. Tasty. Tasty. --Night of the Me 11:34

December 12th, 2006:The more zombiez that move in around the mall, the more mealz being served. You should be able to hear memberz of the Revenant groan with delight whenever the doorz of Giddings open. Itchy. Itchy. Tasty. Tasty. --Night of the Me 11:34

December 10th, 2006:Our suburbial "Spin Cycle" has been put on hold for we have company to our home of Pitneybank. Shacknews & the RRF have shambled into town to have some holiday festivitiez at Giddings Mall. We are obligated to be good hostz for our guestz and will assist them in getting whatever it iz they want. Itchy. Itchy. Tasty. Tasty. --Night of the Me 11:34

December 3rd, 2006:Spin Cycle Time. Itchy. Itchy. Tasty. Tasty. --Night of the Me 11:34


November 25th, 2006: The Revenant are one of the several groups of zedz who have laid to waste Fort Creedy. While their are still a few "meals on wheelz" in the area it'z only a matter of time before the left overz from Thanksgiving are consumed. Itchy. Itchy. Tasty. Tasty.--Night of the Me 11:34

November 11th, 2006: Numberz within' the group are slowly rising for the dead. The group is still making it's prescence known in Pitneybank as well. St. Benedicts Hospital had several "patientz" pass on just today alone. The Revenant are liking the idea of making this suburb their home. Let's paint the town blood red! Itchy. Itchy. Tasty. Tasty.--Night of the Me 11:34

November 5th, 2006: The group officially createz it's Wiki page just shortly after forming. Membership now officially is open as well. Itchy. Itchy. Tasty. Tasty.--Night of the Me 11:34

Sleep well Harmanz!
We smell your blood.
The inside of Fort Creedy...late November 2006.
We love hospitals!
Emptying out the Fort.
The Final War? Maybe for these two Giddings mallrats.

Tales of our Terror

Pitneybank - 11/01/06, The group starts to shamble as one. Soaking the Southern streets of the suburb with blood
Pitneybank - 11/23/06 thru 11/25/06, The Revenant (and a few other respectable zed groups) hold a Thanksgiving for the ages at the newly restored Fort Creedy. Hundreds are served a warm meal along with leftovers the following day. By the final day the Fort is "DESSERT"ed.
Pitneybank - 12/10/06, For the first time since the groups creation they have highly regarded guests coming to town for the Holidays...the assault on Giddings Mall begins.
Pitneybank - 12/18/06, Just over a week after the attacks begin, the Revenant aid in bringing down Giddings Mall. Its inhabitants are either killed or flee from within' its once safe confines.
Pitneybank - 02/20/06, With nothing better to do the Revenant lead the charge on Fort Creedy. It falls...again. A few days later the group officially announces it will call the Fort its kitchen (or as harmanz would say...home).
Pitneybank - 03/05/07, With The Revenant working along with the Mall Tour 07', Giddings Mall falls once again.
What's Next?

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