The Rexworthy Arms

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The Rexworthy Arms
EthrDemon (talk) 21:59, 7 April 2020 (UTC) -
the Rexworthy Arms

Pennville [85,83]

the Merson Building a warehouse Ennitt Alley
Hooper Square Fire Station the Rexworthy Arms Corless Alley Police Department
Sears Park St. Louis's Church Sellers Bank

Basic Info:

  • Pubs have no internal descriptions, apart from " abandoned pub."
  • Arms can be barricaded normally.

Basic Info

Coordinates: [85,83]

Barricade Level: EHB+2

Graffiti: Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service HQ


An abandoned pub located in the center of Pennville.The building has been ransacked many times since the zombie outbreak. When the situation becomes calm, some survivors repair the building and stay there as a safehouse. Shotguns can be found in the attic of the arms and plenty of alcoholic drinks in the building.

Before the outbreak

The Rexworthy Arms was the most popular pub in Pennville. Always full of customers and the conditions were peaceful. The shotguns on the shelf in the attic of the building were never used, due to the safe environment. The place was only full of laughter and happiness.

After the outbreak

Used as a safehouse. Because of limited weapons and resources that can be found, not many survivors want to stay in there. A group called the UBCS arrived takes full control of the pub and used it as their HQ.

Current Status

July 7, 2008 EHB, no power, no transmitter--Dr Mycroft Chris 02:44, 8 July 2008 (BST)

The satrapy of the Umbrella Corporation, UBCS, takes full control of the building and uses it as HQ. Survivors are still allowed to stay and take shelter but the building is no longer safe, as zombies know that the UBCS is a group of bio-weapon scientists and well-trained mercenaries, which means a threat to them. The zombies are to take down the building but never succeed.


  • October, 2007
    • 22nd October, 2007: HQ is ruined, the whole suburb is dead... all but ruined buildings can be seen...
  • July, 2007
    • 11th July, 2007: Surrounding buildings under attack.
    • 7th July, 2007: All is safe around the arms. Only a few zeds walking around, no sign of zombies trying to attack.
  • June, 2007
    • 1st June, 2007: The Rexworthy Arms is taken back by remaining mercenaries of the UBCS. Special thanks to JoeSpears for planning the operation.
  • May, 2007
    • 15th May, 2007: The Rexworthy Arms has been taken over by zeds, if your are seeking refuge you can contact DarkX or RayHanley through email for plans to retake it.
  • April, 2007
    • 29th April, 2007: HQ, resupply building, shelter, entry points taken back. Monitor point still under attack by zombies. Mercenaries have no problem dealing with them.
    • 26th April, 2007: UBCS fulltime scientist back at HQ, reviving members that were dead. Mercenaries of the UBCS are ready to strike back.
    • 23rd April, 2007: HQ finally fell. Luckily, the scientist is safe in a top secret location preparing syringes for revive.
    • 21st April, 2007: Zombies are almost breaking in the HQ. Other UBCS buildings are also under siege.
    • 20th April, 2007: Mercenaries of the UBCS are loading ammo and weapons, ready to start a fight.
    • 8th April, 2007: Medical services and scientific services have been starting.
    • 1st April, 2007: Members are starting to gather back in the HQ.
  • March, 2007
    • 27th March, 2007: A generator and a radio has been set up in the HQ.
    • 25th March, 2007: The high rank members in the building are now figuring a new operation, Operation:STRIPE.
    • 3rd March, 2007: The HQ was taken back by surviving members of UBCS. The mercenaries have their guns aimed to heads of zombies while scientists set off to revivify dead members.
  • February, 2007
    • 27th February, 2007: The HQ finally fell and ransacked by a group of >10 zombies.