The Rippon Building

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The Rippon Building
--Acorpse (talk) 23:43, 8 April 2020 (UTC)
the Rippon Building

Darvall Heights [28, 25]

Edbrooke Street Lance Towers the Bathe Building
St. Matheos's Hospital the Rippon Building the Henslow Arms
Hebdidgh Road Scallon Crescent the Davidge Building

Basic Info:

The Rippon Building

The Rippon Building before the outbreak

Barricade Policy

Extremely Heavy Barricades at all times

Currently in violation
This building is housing a contingent of survivors. Unfortunately, there are few--if any--properly barricaded noob safehouses. For the time being, the DRLFF has taken up residence here with the aim of creating a reasonable secure quadrant in this vicinity.
Once DRLFF has recalled its operators, we will begin enforcing the UBP.

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