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What the Duck?

Duck Hunt is a Manhunt event with several static targets. These "Sitting Ducks" are designed to draw players together into a small area in order to increase the carnage.

It Begins at One Minute Past Midnight (GMT) on December 27th 2010 and will last until One Minute Before Midnight on the 16th of January

The Pond

Out of Bounds Out of Bounds Out of Bounds Border
Out of Bounds Vinetown Houldenbank Border
Out of Bounds Osmondville Penny Heights Border
Out of Bounds Out of Bounds Out of Bounds Border


#You may not enlist the help of anyone not involved in this Manhunt. (ie: Broadcasting on the radio that one of the contestant is KOS.)

#Most kills win, whether as a zombie or a survivor. A screenshot must be provided to validate the kill.

#No teaming up with other contestants. (ie: Player1 and Player2 may not "tag team" on Player4)

#No zerging.

#No kills on a contestant will be counted if both players involved are zombies.

#Killing, injuring or infecting zombified characters at Revive Points IS NOT PERMITTED.

#You are not allowed to leave the playing area once the Manhunt begins.

#Any contestants not in accordance with these rules may be penalized and/or disqualified.

Sitting Ducks

Sitting Duck accounts will be created by Rosslessness whenver he feels bored. These Level one scouts will be left within the game zone, their suburb location or similar clues will be posted here. Killing a sitting Duck gains you 1 kill. Of course, with several Pkers Probably closing in on one target, the risk to everyone is increased.

First Sitting Duck

The First sitting Duck is now in place, ready for tonight's activities.

Second Sitting Duck

The Second sitting Duck is now in place, ready for sacrifice.

Third Sitting Duck

The Third sitting Duck is now in Houldenbank. He's neither the Indian, or the Construction Worker.

Fourth Sitting Duck

The 4th is the same as the third. He is The Traffic Cop. He's In Vinetown. --RosslessnessWant a Location Image? 12:51, 12 January 2011 (UTC)

Turning into a beautiful swan.

Duck Hunt is part of the forthcoming Manhunt Marathon; a series of events with a cumulative scoring system.

Sign Up

HERE. All competitors must provide their Profile Id and be in the playing area at the beginning of the competition.

Confirmed Contestants

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