The Rycroft Building (Spracklingbank)

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The Rycroft Building
The Scourge was here.
PB&J 07:47, 24 July 2019 (UTC)
the Rycroft Building

Spracklingbank [87, 30]

a carpark
Samways Lane
Cleave Street
Eastwick Drive the Rycroft Building Mauger Towers
Slann Boulevard Sparey Boulevard a junkyard

Basic Info:


The Rycroft Building, home to the local BBC affiliate pre-outbreak, was once a spectacular building with a soaring lobby, one of the only reasons residents of the depressed suburb of Spracklingbank had to boast of their home. After the outbreak, it was temporarily used as a safehouse for revivers from the now-defunct revive point Eastwick Drive. It now sits empty except for a carpet of weeds along the floor and several dead bodies.


The Rycroft Building, named for one of Malton's first mayors, James Rycroft, was built in Spracklingbank in 1952. The architect, Vaughan Architectural Design, filed for bankruptcy in 1967 after several of their buildings collapsed due to faulty design. Rycroft was abandoned, like many other of Vaughan's buildings, during this scare, and it sat vacant until 1986, when the BBC bought the building and renovated it extensively, eliminating the design flaws. The BBC owned this building until the outbreak, when it was abandoned once more.

Barricade Policy

VSB as per the Spracklingbank Barricade Plan, although this building is often unreliable as an entry point and will be found EHB.

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