The Sage Building (Roftwood)

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The Sage Building
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the Sage Building

Roftwood [61, 56]

Hunn Avenue the Amis Building Cake Walk
a carpark the Sage Building Mayo Row Police Department
Priscott Grove Dunlap Way the Dafforn Building

Basic Info:

The Sage Building (Roftwood)


The Sage Building (Roftwood) is one of the last industrial buildings in Malton. Built early in the century, by Sage Hainsley- the younger of the infamous brothers Sage and Amis- it became a favoured location for the two gangster's to plan and execute their 'families' operations. Although younger than Amis, Sage had a reputation for being nastier and meaner. It is no surprise that Sage Hainsley, the last of the great Hainsley family, was shot to death on the steps of his building just two weeks after it's completion in 1917. With Sage died the last serious crime organisation in Malton. The shooter was never caught- which allows conspirators to believe that it was due to a government faction trying to remove organised crime from the city.

In modern time the building has become known for the unusually high amount of suicide jumpers that the building seems to attract.


There has been no significant survivor/zombie history in this building.

Barricade Policy

This building is sometimes used as an entry point to gain access to Mayo Row Police Department so keep VSB.

Controlling Faction(s)

Roftwood Coordination Center and its affiliates.

Current Importance

Little. This building is used as a entry point or for survivors to take shelter from the apocalypse.

Additional Information

Searchable Items No items of value can be found when searching this building.

Tagging Tagging this building grants no XP.

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