The Salisbury Museum

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the Salisbury Museum

Vinetown [83, 69]

Druce Walk Hartleys Boulevard Police Department wasteland
wasteland the Salisbury Museum wasteland
Radbourne Walk
Skyrme Plaza
Mabey Towers

Basic Info:

  • Museums have a wide range of different collections and exhibitions, although previously they were not lootable. Nowadays, different decorative items may be found there.
  • Generally, the descriptions found in Museums fall along the lines of "…currently displaying a(n) exhibition/installation/collection of _____________"
  • Museums can be barricaded normally.


The Salisbury Museum
EthrDemon (talk) 01:00, 27 January 2020 (UTC)

The huge and elaborate building used to house umbrellas.


You are standing outside the Salisbury Museum, a four-storey metal-and-glass building with a fountain at its entrance.

You are inside the Salisbury Museum, its extensive collection of umbrellas now thick with dust.


The Salisbury Museum is possibly the newest structure in Malton, being the first building constructed in the middle of the big Vinetown Urban Renewal campaign which was taking place immediately prior to the Outbreak. The Salisbury's collection of umbrellas, in fact, was moved into the new building only two days prior to the Outbreak.

Barricade Policy

Should be EHB per the Vinetown Barricade Plan.

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