The Sandy Building

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The Sandy Building
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the Sandy Building

West Boundwood [33, 2]

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Basic Info:

The Sandy Building


Before the outbreak, the Sandy Building was a largely unassuming office building no different to the many others scattered around Malton. Due to the large number of churches in the suburb of West Boundwood, the building initially attracted scorn from local residents as not being in keeping with the commonplace religious architecture, but protests against it's generic concrete aesthetics eventually died down as the occupying business, large telecommunications conglomerate Sandy TC Inc., provided much needed employment for the relatively affluent local residents. The complaints disappeared completely as other buildings of a similar design became more commonplace in the area.

View West from the rooftop


Post-outbreak, the building doesn't seem to have come under much scrutiny from either zombies or survivors. The building has been looted for almost everything practical, but much of the now-useless networking technology still remains (though in various states of repair). The ground floor and windows to the office floors remain boarded up from the desperate attempts at protection by the initial survivors, and these are occasionally reconstructed from time to time by survivors bedding down as they pass through the suburb. The Sandy Building stands 16 floors tall, which provides a reasonable view around the local area when one stands on the roof, as well as Calvert and Bale Mall which can occasionally be seen in the distance on clear days. It also lies in a strategically advantageous position close to the Dorothey Plaza Police Department and Neot General Hospital, which it is believed Sandy Telecommunications originally provided various networking services for. The exterior and rooftop areas of the building show signs of recent human occupation, including discarded food and drinks packaging and crude graffiti staking claims to the building.

Barricade Policy

The building should mostly be barricaded to extremely heavy. This is in compliance with the West Boundwood Barricade Plan.

The Sandy Building and Team Internet

Ever since the outbreak the secretive, nerdy group of survivors known only as Team Internet have based themselves at the Sandy Building. They have carefully avoided notoriety so as to not become embroiled in any of the political turmoil that has plagued West Boundwood over the years. Team Internet have always kept to their word and paid their dues to other local groups of survivors, most notably the Crabapple Estate and Badmen. The Sandy building has held very little in the way of resource for scroungers and is no more secure or less secure than any other office building in the city. This apparent lack of value as a safe-house has been the cause of much conjecture surrounding Team Internet's intentions and reasons for occupancy. It was once postulated by a former vending machine delivery man that the Sandy Building's drinks machines were the only place in Malton to acquire the legendary DIBE and that this may be the reason for T.Is persistent squatting. Whatever their reasons - Team Internet's refusal to move into more secure or resource-rich structures has often mystified the surviving residents of West Boundwood but, since they hurt no one, they have been left to wander the cubicles of the Sandy Building, scrounging low-tech networking hardware and speaking their esoteric geek-lingo.

Current Status

November 2014: Team Internet have resurfaced and repaired/barricaded the building. Once more the Sandy Building shall showcase the apex of survivor networking technology and culture.

May 2012: It has been years since members of the mysterious Team Internet organisation were seen in West Boundwood. There were rumours that they were all lost to the infected masses, given their sudden disappearance. Recently however, a clumsy, young man has been seen gathering ethernet cables and repairing old Team Internet wall insignia.

October 2007: After a sudden zombie attack and a stroke of bad luck, the building has recently been reclaimed and remains firmly in the hands of the survivors. The building recently seems to be providing a haven for a handful of straggling survivors as well as Team Io have ignored them thus far.

September 2007: Finding the building empty, a small group of survivors known as 'Team Internet' have recently taken occupation of the building. It is believed that they are attempting to create one of Malton's largest post outbreak Local Area Networks using the remaining computer equipment, and they have installed a number of decorations, a generator, and a radio transmitter to further this end and hopefully make the building more useful. Other than that, their agenda and exact numbers remain unknown.

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