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Sanguinem Nostrum Tenetur

4, currently recruiting

Eric Parkers.

1. Destroy the Infected
2. TBA

Recruitment Policy
1. Place 'The Sanguine' in your group profile.
2. Contact via the talk page or Contact Eric Parkers

Current Location
The Splain Arms.


The Sanguine was founded in the late 19th century as a blue collar investors group and gentleman's club. Its members engaged in social gatherings, special events and such. This went on through the late nineties (90s'), and the club gained much popularity in Richmond Hills and nearby Havercroft by young adults. The Sanguine quickly presented itself as a collective power, holding thousands of NecroTech and other small business shares.

As NecroTech expanded throughout Malton, the hierarchy seeming held great financial sway on much of the city. The club successfully embezzle a large amount of cash to bribe the opposing mayor candidate in order to hide a massive cover up and gain political power. Thus the Sanguine became one of the most powerful non corporate groups in Malton.
Gabriel minutes before his death

Finally in a joint effort dubbed "Operation Exsanguinate" the police of both Richmond Hills and Havercroft cracked down on corruption. After several successful arrests, the authorities had enough information to investigate deeper. In may of two-thousand and one (2001) the police raided the head quarters in an effort to arrest the hierarchy. Ending in a shootout and the eventual death of the mysterious founder "Gabriel Nihilum", the fraternity started to crumble and the new movement faded away.

Months before the initial outbreak, remnants of the Sanguine group violently rioted outside several The Lockwood Building after Gabriel's body was removed from its grave and smuggled into its research laboratory. The Carle Street Police however intervened making over thirteen arrests that day and killing one.

Note: The Sanguine welcomes all classes and levels. You'll benefit from having close teammates and allies.


21/12/13 Active once again.

25/12/13 27.72 MHz is now the official frequency. Happy Christmas Everyone.


The Sanguine's permanent Head Quarters before the infection was; Havercroft, The Sands Building. However since then they have been seen regularly meeting at Griff's the Splain Arms.

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