The Saul Arms

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The Saul Arms
In ruins with level 2-5 decay
Danger Updater MDUDC 20:24, 13 February 2019 (UTC)
the Saul Arms

North Blythville [21, 65]

a junkyard Hannam Crescent Male Boulevard
Neot General Hospital the Saul Arms the Neary Monument
Horner Avenue School a carpark Matraves Alley

Basic Info:

  • Pubs have no internal descriptions, apart from " abandoned pub."
  • Arms can be barricaded normally.

The Saul Arms


Someone has been working hard on what, from the looks of it, was once an "old guy" pub tucked away on a side street of the suburb. All sorts of mis-matched island-themed decorations have been dragged in and carefully arranged, creating an odd sort of harmony that is almost peaceful to look at. The front of the building has been decorated with large plastic palm trees, and half of it has been set up like the deck of a ship. Nice carpentry work here. There is a working scale-model lighthouse in one corner, and fake tropical life... parrots, flamingos... hide throughout the entire area. Real sand is piled in several places, and has been dotted with seashells.

Tiki torches have been set up overlooking the various tables. There is a dj station, done up in bamboo, though it isn't properly wired and stands ghostly and empty. Around the base of it are a collection of colorful (fake) island flowers.

The entire roof has been painted to look like a late-evening sky, and is dotted with real lights that look like early-evening stars. The main lighting comes from a "full moon", so realistic it looks like its hanging in the twilighted heavens. The painted sky bleeds into a massive beach mural covering one wall. It looks like the beach at sunset - brilliant oranges, darkening browns, inevitable deep dark blues. The waves lap a contented shore, and a handsome island boy, bald save for a braid of black hair, offers visitors a gigantic drink with umbrellas and fruit. The smile on his face is infectious, and for a moment, the hell outside the doors is forgotten.

Past the surfboards and the full-scale paper-mache' moai (you got gum gum, dumb-dumb?) is the bar area, at the rear of the building. The back end is done up in an underwater motif. Large under-sea animals, stuffed... probably purloined from a museum... hang from the ceiling. Everything back here is dark, and blue-green, and cool. The walls are painted like deep blue water, with dark shadows swimming all about. The bar itself is a large purple submarine, with painted flowers and portholes that light up when powered. There is a drop ceiling made up of glass panels, painted like you are looking up towards the surface of the water, and up beyond that the ceiling proper, with oh so many stars. Large coral sculptures, soft in color, abound. A massive treasure chest festoons one corner, guarded by a skeletal pirate.

When lit, special lighting throws wavy light about the bar area, like that reflected from the surface of the sea.

Above the bar, carved in driftwood, are the words "Pour Noelani Kiele, la plus belle île aux fleurs - AW"


Barricade Policy

VSB,s'il vous plaît!

Current Status

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