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Alphabetical List

The Scourge logo.png

Visited Suburbs

BarrvilleBrooke HillsButtonvilleCrowbankDanversbank
DartsideDarvall HeightsDentonsideDulstonDunningwood
EarletownEast BoundwoodEast GraysideEastonwoodEdgecombeFryerbank
Galbraith HillsGatcombetonGibsontonGreentownGulsonside
HavercroftHeytownHollomstownHouldenbankHuntley Heights
KempsterbankKetchelbankKinch HeightsLerwill HeightsLockettside
Millen HillsMiltownMockridge HeightsNorth BlythvilleOsmondville
PegtonPennvillePenny HeightsPeppardvillePescodside
PimbankPitneybankQuarlesbankRaines HillsRandallbank
RhodenbankRichmond HillsRoachtownRoftwoodRolt Heights
Shore HillsShuttlebankSouth BlythvilleSpicer HillsSpracklingbank
Stanbury VillageTaptonTollytonVinetownWest Boundwood
West GraysideWhittensideWilliamsvilleWray HeightsWyke Hills

Unvisited Suburbs

DakerstownDunell HillsEast BecktownFoulkes Village
Grigg HeightsJensentownJudgewoodLamport HillsLukinswood
MolebankMorningtonNew ArkhamNixbank
Old ArkhamOwsleybankPashentonPayntertonPeddlesden Village
ReganbankRidleybankRoywoodStarlingtownWest Becktown

Never VisitedVisited50% RuinedEvery Building Ruined

Chronological List

The Scourge logo.png

June 2016: North Blythville
July 2016: South Blythville, Greentown, Dartside, Lockettside, Ruddlebank
August 2016: Spicer Hills, Dartside
September 2016: Kinch Heights, West Grayside
October-November 2016: Wyke Hills, Buttonville
December 2016: Kinch Heights, Miltown
January 2017: Vinetown, Crowbank, Pitneybank
February-March 2017: Rolt Heights, Pescodside, Gibsonton, Spracklingbank
March-June 2017: Pinteybank
June 2017: Pegton, Dentonside
July 2017: Houldenbank, Penny Heights, Osmodville, Pennville, Scarletwood
August 2017: East Grayside, Hollomstown, Wyke Hills, Buttonville, Kinch Heights, Dartside, Williamsville, Greentown, South Blythville
September 2017: Lockettside, Ruddlebank, South Blythville, North Blythville, Lerwill Heights, Shore Hills, Havercroft, Richmond Hills, Eastonwood, Darvall Heights
October 2017: Gatcombeton, Quarlesbank, West Boundwood, Shuttlebank, Yagoton, East Boundwood
November 2017: Brooke Hills, Shearbank, Shuttlebank, Yagoton, Roachtown, Huntley Heights, Randallbank, Heytown, Santlerville, Gibsonton, Dunningwood
December 2017: Rolt Heights, Pescodside, Spracklingbank, Pitneybank, Peppardville, Heytown
January 2018: Pitneybank, Peppardville, Pegton, Heytown, Pimbank, Roftwood (see also the Great Scourgin')
February 2018: Tollyton, Pimbank, Wray Heights, Gulsonside, Scarletwood, Whittenside, Pennville, Fryerbank
March 2018: Osmondville, Penny Heights, Scarletwood, Crowbank, Pitneybank
April 2018: Spracklingbank, Heytown, Peppardville, Santlerville, Gibsonton, Rolt Heights, Pescodside, Dulston
May 2018: Rhodenbank, Earletown, Dunningwood, Spracklingbank, Heytown, Peppardville
June 2018: Roftwood, Pimbank
July 2018: Peppardville, Pegton, Edgecombe, Tollyton, Shackleville, Kempsterbank
August 2018: Mockridge Heights, Galbraith Hills, Barrville
September 2018: Havercroft, Ketchelbank, Brooke Hills, Shearbank, Millen Hills, Yagoton
October 2018: Roachtown, East Boundwood, Huntley Heights, Randallbank, Raines Hills, Pimbank
November 2018: Roftwood, Stanbury Village, Tollyton
December 2018: Wray Heights, East Grayside, Kempsterbank
January 2019: Tapton, West Grayside, East Grayside
February 2019: Wyke Hills
March 2019: Hollomstown, Danversbank
April 2019: Whittenside, Scarletwood, Tollyton, Roftwood, Edgecombe

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this page? This is a page where the Scourge keeps track of all the suburbs it has visited. On subpages, it tracks all the buildings we've ruined.
Why do you track all this information? Back when it was founded in 2016, one of the express goals of the Scourge has been to ruin every building in Malton at least once. Although we've varied in our focus since, it remains one of our long-term goals. This system helps us track what buildings we've already ruined, and lets us know how far along towards this goal we are.
How do I use this index to find a specific ruin? To find a ruin by date, look above right in the Chronological List and click on the appropriate suburb(s). Ruins are listed approximately by date within each suburb. To find a ruin by location, click the suburb link above left under Alphabetical List, and ctrl+f to find the name of the building you're looking for. (If a suburb is unvisited/redlinked, that means we haven't ruined any buildings there yet.)
Some of these claimed ruins don't have screenshots/dumwits, or the screenshot doesn't explicitly show the ruin. What's up with that? Unfortunately, our screenshotting/dumwitting has been intermittent, especially in the early days when we had fewer members. Nowadays, we have a very specific system for recording ruins in real time, and moving them over to the City Index in batches, which should reduce the quantity of problematic records. Also, over time the platforms hosting screenshots/dumwits may decay or go dark, which is outside of our control. In all these cases, we operate on an honor system for recording these ruins, and if the Scourge's leaders take issue with a specific ruin or screenshot, we won't count it. If there's a specific ruin you'd like to dispute, please let us know via our Discord.
Some buildings (i.e. junkyards) aren't ruinable. Therefore how can you ruin "every building"? We count junkyards as "ruined" if we remove their barricades and any humans and/or generators inside. (The same applies for any other unruinable buildings, e.g. the City Zoo.)
I notice that, despite going for several years, you haven't gotten that close to reaching your goal. Why? The main reasons are threefold. First, many parts of the city are already in ruins, so we can't claim those ruins for our own. Second, we have other goals, like feeding delicious humans to our baby zombies who're still leveling up, which make us concentrate our efforts on specific, higher-population parts of the city (the average building we've ruined we've ruined about twice). And finally, Malton is big. Even if we were maximally efficient, ruined two buildings a day and never repeated a building, it would still take more than eight years to ruin every building in the city. Have patience, young one — or join us and help us ruin 'em all faster! :)
What if the Scourge takes down a building but another zombie gets the actual ruin? In order to count here in the City Index, we require an active member of the Scourge to be the one getting the ruin. We'll occasionally list a major siege in which we participated, but didn't get the final ruin, on our Path of the Scourge page or in our Trophy Cabinet.
Why do you have so many fewer ruins in the west/northwest of Malton? Many members of the Scourge have alts in other groups, and those tend to be concentrated in the northwest around Caiger Mall. As we strongly oppose zerging, we never travel to such areas (without intensive alt-avoidance and purposeful idling-out, at least). In addition, much of the west of Malton has been consistently ruined by The Dead and other groups over the last couple of years; the Scourge doesn't travel to areas that are predominantly in ruins, as we can't claim the ruins or eat the brainz there ourselves.
I have additional questions not answered here! Please get in touch via our group talk page or our Discord, and we'd be glad to help you out!

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