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Welcome to The Scourge! You've decided to join Malton's premier zombie group! This is a primer for new Scourge members. This guide has five parts, in rough order of importance:

  1. Skills & Leveling Up
  2. Basic Zombie Tactics: Breach & Kill
  3. Scourge Tactics and Metagame Tools
  4. Death Culting and Brain Rot
  5. Zombie Roleplaying, Culture and Etiquette

New players to UD should read everything. Experienced players who have just joined the Scourge can make best use of sections 3, 4 and 5. Current members of the Scourge may find sections 4 and 5 a helpful refresher.

Skills & Leveling up

We will group skills by importance. You can of course, ignore skills you already have. Survivor skills and brain/flesh rot will be covered in section 4.

Hands and Legs

The most fundamental skills, which you should get first. Once you have all these, you should be able to fight with most of the efficiency of a fully grown zombie, since most of our fighting is done with claws. In suggested order of purchase, if you do not already have them:

  • Vigour Mortis: increases claw hit rate, necessary to unlock other combat upgrades. Your hit rate is now 35%. This is important for earning XP faster.
  • Rend Flesh: increases claw hit damage, to an extra 50% damage.
  • Death Grip: further increases claw hit rate. Your hit rate is now 50%.
  • Lurching Gait: removes the extra AP cost for moving around. More AP = more playtime.
  • Tangling Grasp: increases claw hit rate against survivors, some of the time. Less powerful than the 10% increase it implies, but still highly valuable.
  • Ankle Grab: reduces extra AP cost of recovering from a death or revive. Again, more AP = more playtime.
  • Memories of Life: allows you to open doors to buildings after the barricades are down. Ideally, before this point, you should have older zombies who can do this for you, but this allows you to exploit a breach if no one else can do it for you.

Once you get all of these, you can graduate from being a Scourgling!


Biting deals less damage per AP than clawing, but comes with a few side benefits after you max these skills.

  • Neck Lurch: Increases bite hit rate.
  • Digestion: Causes each bite to heal you for 4 damage, and allows you to eat corpses for 4 HP healing each. Mildly useful if you have been wounded as a zombie and want to recover a little health, but most of the time you should be okay with being killed, as Ankle Grab allows you to go back to full HP for 1 AP (6 AP if you take a Headshot).
  • Infectious Bite: Causes infections in bitten survivors. Infected survivors take 1 damage per AP spent (excluding speaking) until they are healed. Quite effective for slowing down survivors, forcing them to spend healing supplies or risk dying. You need to only bite survivors once. If you have this skill and bite a survivor, but do not see the message, it means they are already infected. You can also infect zombies, at which point they will develop an infection upon being revived.

Other Skills

These skills are not essential, but handy for gathering information and assisting the collective zombie cause. In rough order of usefulness:

  • Ransack: By spending 6 AP, you prevent survivors from free running into or barricading the building until the building is repaired. Handy for two things: 1) preventing survivors from barricading up a building until they successfully remove ALL zombies. 2) Demoralizing survivors. Many survivors will flee as soon as they see buildings start to fall.
  • Feeding Groan: Attracts other zombies when you see live humans to eat. The distance the groan travels depends on how many survivors are present. “Muffled” groans are less valuable, as that means that the barricades in a building are still up. Only one zombie needs to groan.
  • Feeding Drag: drags a nearly dead survivor outside. With a large zombie group, ideally you should have allies on hand to straight up kill survivors without any need to do this.
  • Brain Rot & Flesh Rot: Prevents reviving under most conditions. See the Death Culting & Brain Rot section BEFORE you consider buying it.
  • Scent Fear: Marks injured survivors for you. Useful for picking off injured survivors.
  • Scent Blood: Shows injured survivors’ health status in more detail, including infections (green health number). Again, useful for picking off injured survivors.
  • Scent Death: Allows you to determine if dead bodies were actually revived, either passively, by standing next to the bodies, or actively, by giving you a colored “map” of your surroundings in exchange for 1 AP when you click “Scent death”. The main purpose of this is to determine if you’re at an active revive point by the number of revivifying bodies around. Not very useful information for a career zombie, however.
  • Scent Trail: If a survivor attacks or DNA extracts you, this shows you their current location when you log in, provided you have not been killed or they moved more than 10 squares away in the intervening time. Not of much use in a large zombie group, however, since we find plenty of targets to kill already.
  • Death Rattle: See the roleplaying section. This just lets you talk (somewhat) in the zombie language.
  • Flailing Gesture: See the roleplaying section. This just lets you emote or refer others’ attention to specific things.
  • Bellow: A much more powerful form of feeding groan. Unfortunately, it requires 25 survivors in the same spot to use, which is an extreme rarity these days, so this skill is nearly useless.

The best ways to get XP

The primary way zombies get XP is by killing survivors. Attacking a survivor gives you 1 XP per damage dealt, with 10 additional XP on the killing blow. This is by far the best way to get XP fast, which is why zombie groups like to soften up survivors to only a few HP for low-level zombies to finish off.

Using the “smash decorations” button in a ruined building will destroy any decoration items the survivors installed, for 1 AP and 1 XP each. Not a reliable source of XP, but it is a nice bonus when it comes up.

Destroying a generator or a radio transmitter will give 5 XP, but only on the killing blow. Similar to softening up survivors, veteran zombies may weaken generators or radios to “badly damaged” so that low-level zombies can finish it off with one hit and get that 5 XP.

Less good ways to get XP

Attacking zombies gives you half of what survivors give: 1 XP per 2 damage dealt (rounded up), with 5 additional XP on the killing blow.
Smashing barricades gives 1 XP every time the barricades collapse a little. This is a pathetic way to get XP, which is why it is not recommended for leveling up.
Ransacking: The first “ransack” action in a pristine building gives just 1 XP. After that, ransacking and finally ruining it doesn’t give any XP.

No other zombie actions give XP.

Basic Zombie Tactics: Breach & Kill

Basic zombie tactics are fairly simple compared to survivor tactics.

The ideal zombie breach in a building with live humans inside goes like this:

  1. Breaching. Veteran zombies, who have vigor mortis + death grip, attack the barricades. Barricades halve the hit rate of claws (and are immune to bites, obviously), so a 50% claw hit rate against cades is actually 25%! In addition, barricades give barely any XP for the incredible amount of effort it takes to destroy them, so if zombies are working together, any low-level zombies are encouraged to let the experienced zombies handle it.
    It takes a lot of AP to break down an EHB (extremely heavily barricaded) building, so it is ideal to have multiple zombies attack at the same time for a complete break-in, or else the partially-damaged barricades can be easily repaired by survivors.
  2. Entry. Always handled by someone with memories of life, who automatically open the doors upon clicking “enter the building”. Zombies without memories of life simply cannot get in. Once the doors are opened, everyone else will pour in.
  3. Groaning & infecting. The breaching zombies, again, usually veterans, groan out to attract nearby outdoors zombies, and then bite & infect all the survivors inside to delay resistance.
  4. Softening & killing. The zombies may weaken survivors only a few HP for low-level zombies to kill. They may also soften up or outright break any present generator and radio during this time. All the survivors will eventually die or flee (or both).
  5. Ruining. The building is ransacked until ruin, and all decorations smashed. If the radio or genny is still up, it will be destroyed. Another successful raid!

Then the zombies move onto another target building. In the Scourge, this is either provided by zombie spies or designated by the group leader.

What can survivors do to stop a breach in progress? And how can zombies stop them?

  • Survivor Option: Barricading the building while zombies are outside will will force any more zombies outside to break down the barricades again, a very wasteful effort.
  • Zombie Response: Barricading efforts start to fail with multiple zombies inside the building however. If the building is ruined, particularly in the case of a Mall, then the building cannot be barricaded at all until every last zombie is evicted. Then the building must be repaired and then barricaded up. For this reason, it is wise to have many zombies attacking and entering at the same time, such as during a strike, and to ruin as soon as possible.
  • Survivor Option: Shooting you in the head, then dumping your body.
  • Zombie Response: Stand up and re-enter the building. This only delays the inevitable against us.
  • Survivor Option: Reviving zombies to convert them into dead bodies, then dumping them. More AP-efficient than shooting, and requires a little more zombie effort to reverse.
  • Zombie Response: The most time-efficient way to return to undeath is to find a tall building (tower, motel, anything labeled “building”), then jump out and die. The most AP-efficient way is to stand outside and let your zombie brethren eat you. Then stand up and re-enter the building. See Death-Culting & Brain Rot for more advanced and fun options, however.
  • Survivor Option: Panic, forget to run away, and then die horribly to the claws of THE SCOURGE.
  • Zombie Response: This is the correct and optimal survivor response to a break-in. It should be rewarded by liberating them from those awful brainz infesting their skulls.

Breaching Malls and other large buildings

Malls, Power Stations, Cathedrals, Forts and Mansions are interesting because they are multi-square buildings. That means that anything, living or dead, that gets inside can move around freely into other squares of the building, regardless of skills, ruining, or barricade status. This makes them difficult to hold for survivors. Mostly, we’ll be referring to Malls, since they are by far the most popular buildings of this sort.

Malls are the ideal source to obtain many survivor items, and for this reason they are both persistently defended and well-stocked with tasty human brainz.
The breach procedure differs from a regular building:

  1. Breaching & Entry. Same as before. BUT it is vital that as many zombies enter as possible during the initial entry stage to attain a beachhead.
  2. Groaning & infecting. Same as before.
  3. Killing. All survivors in the breached corner should be cleared out.
  4. Ruining. Ruin the breached corner to prevent the mall from being barricaded shut again.
  5. Break generators. Destroying any lit generators in all corners is important to head off distress radios and to prevent survivors from restocking on ammunition and other goodies with which to fight off the zombies.
  6. Spread out. Infect and kill survivors in other corners. Return to the destroyed corner to “meatshield” so that the barricades cannot be brought back up.
  7. Full ruin & hold. Ruin all corners and sleep inside the mall, preferably inside the breached corner. Smash all decorations and any remaining generators and radios. The mall can be held as long as the breached corner remains ruined and occupied by zombies. Barhah!

Scourge tactics & Metagaming tools.

All of the Scourge’s communication takes place on our Discord channel. We have a forum thread in Necroconnect’s “zombie area”, but it is mostly just after-action reports and analysis.

Check the pinned messages in #general and #strike for details on our membership and immediate plans.

  • the wiki. A good way to look up the details of specific groups, players and game mechanics. You're reading it right now.
  • DSS Map: a map . As of the time of writing, it has a glitch preventing you from using many of its features, but it’s still easily the best way to visualize the area around you.
  • iSpy OR Iamscott: screenshot utilities. Visit their pages for instructions.
  • Barhah9000: a bot in our discord. Type in “!help” to get a list of commands. The main ones that will probably concern you are “!gettarget” (shows we are currently attacking) and “!gettimes” to see times
  • ElectricEye: another bot in discord. Type in “!status <character name>” to determine if someone is dead or alive and “!profile <character name> to get a link to the character profile of someone.

Scourge Strikes: we have two strikes every day. Barhah9000’s !gettimes will tell you when they are. If you can make either strike time, it is strongly recommended that you save your AP for one of these strikes, particularly if you are a low-level zombie who could use the extra XP from killing survivors that we will soften up for you. If it is time and a strike isn’t starting, feel free to bug someone active in the channel to help start it for you!

Death Culting and Brain Rot

Simply put, Brain Rot is a skill that prevents you from being revived, EXCEPT for one very specific circumstance. This happens rarely enough that you can consider Brain Rot basically be immunity to combat revives. Very handy for helping hold buildings, and it causes survivors to waste supplies sometimes, if they fail to scan. Brain Rot also interferes with DNA scanning sometimes, which allows “rotters” to clog up revive points.

Flesh Rot is a skill that requires Brain Rot first. It gives you resistance to firearms (guns deal 20% less damage) and 10 more max HP. This increases your durability by a fair amount, allowing zombies to hold buildings better. However, unlike Brain Rot, its effects can be replicated without making yourself nearly impossible to revive. More on that later.

Death Culting is usually (not always) exclusive with Brain Rot. It is when you get revived and instead of immediately returning to undeath, you decide to use your survivor skills to make life hard for your reviver and their buddies. If you get the “Flak Jacket” item and the “Bodybuilding” survivor skill, you can emulate the effects of Flesh Rot.

So basically you have two options, that are *almost* mutually exclusive:
1) Stay vulnerable to unwanted revives without brain rot, but also have the ability to death cult whenever you please. You will get a Flak Jacket and Bodybuilding for general durability.
2) Reject all revives and grab Brain Rot and Flesh Rot. No further action needed.

Why do I say almost mutually exclusive? Because you can get revived with Brain Rot, in a lit, unruined Necrotech Building, with a reviver who has the Necronet Access skill. However, this takes some doing: either break into a necrotech with willing “rot revivers” (not all survivors will respond well to you in a necrotech building, of course), or coordinate with a breathing ally to meet and revive you in one such building. Then you can death cult to your heart’s desire, although be warned- having the Rot in your lists of skills puts a target on your back from trigger-happy survivors.

Now, onto Death Culting. You will have a lot of XP stored up to buy survivor skills, or already have those survivor skills. A death cultist without any human skills isn’t much use.


  • Free Running: Essential to get into heavily barricaded buildings. This is your key advantage as a death cultist over a zombie: you can bypass the barricades and cause delightful havoc.
  • Hand to Hand Combat + Knife/Axe proficiency: melee weapons are great for destroying generators and finishing off wounded survivors. They don’t hit nearly hard enough to reliably kill full-health survivors even if you have full AP, so that’s all they’re good for. Knives work slightly better on generators/radios (which don’t care about damage, only number of hits taken), axes work slightly better on killing actual people.
  • Bodybuilding: Increases max HP to 60. Important if you’re not getting Flesh Rot.
  • Diagnosis: Determines health of survivors. Difference from Scent Blood is that it works when you’re alive and can’t determine infections. Good for pointing out injured humans for your allies to kill, or for finding the weak ones to pick off.


  • Basic Firearms + Pistol/Shotgun + Advanced Pistol/Shotgun Training: Shoot people, cause havoc.
  • Shopping + Bargain Hunting: Allows you to search in malls. Great for getting lots of ammo fast, sort of a sister tree to the gun skills tree.
  • Construction: Useful for “overcading” entry points in heavily defended areas, but ONLY if there are no ruins nearby, as those are good substitute entry points. Also useful for shoring up buildings that are ready to be made into a “pinata”.
  • Tagging, Radio Operation: Survivor communication. Good for recruiting survivors and zombies to the Scourge. Use our discord link: . 27.55, 27.77 and 26.70 are all choice radio frequencies to spam. Also look up your local mall frequencies!
  • Necrotech Employment: handily reminds you which buildings belong to Necrotech, which you’d otherwise have to glean from metagame sources or only after successfully breaking in. The other features of this are useless, however.
  • Lab Experience: Good for reviving a Scourge ally who wants to death cult.

Almost Always Useless

  • Scout Safehouse: Only practical in the safest and quietest of suburbs. But it’s your job to make them not safe and not quiet. Skip.
  • Necronet Access: Only if you want to revive a rotter.
  • Headshot: You’re not going to be shooting zombies, ever.
  • First Aid & Surgery: If you for some reason want to put effort into staying alive rather than pinata or waste survivor bullets, this is the thing for you.

Survivor Items Useful as a Zombie

  • Flak Jacket: if you aren't planning on getting flesh rot, a flak jacket is very useful for weakening survivor bullets.
  • Radio (not radio transmitter): You can't adjust the frequency while dead, but you can still hear everything. All that lovely survivor intel, all in your claws. Make sure you tune into frequencies that are actually active ("hisses to a clear silence").

Survivor Items Useful as a Death Cultist

  • Pistols, shotguns, flares, ammo: For shooting people. Try not to throw away ammunition or loaded guns. If you're running out of encumbrance at any time, throw away some empty spare pistols or shotgns.
  • Knife: killing generators. Slightly less good against people.
  • Axe: Killing people, smashing barricades. Slightly less good against generators.
  • Flak Jacket: also useful as a death cultist.
  • Radio (not radio transmitter): Useful for listening in on survivors, also useful for realizing when you've been detected by locals, so you can find a better hiding place.
  • Fuel Can: A situational tool for lighting up dark buildings for easier zombie destruction. Or lighting up Necrotech buildings for rot revives.
  • First Aid Kit: A situational tool if you are infected and *don't* want to pinata a building or die.
  • Syringe: A situational tool for reviving other zombies so they may death cult.
  • Spray Can: necessary for tagging. Found in Auto Repairs and Mall Hardware stores.

Where to search for items

  • Mall: the best place to search for almost anything. Guns (gun store), spray cans (hardware store), melee weapons (hardware store), radios (tech store) are best left to a mall. Drug stores give first aid kits, but not nearly as well as hospitals do.
  • Police Station: gives ammo and radios at a terrible rate. However, it is your only source of flak jackets (of which you only will need one, ever).
  • NT (Necrotech) building: gives syringes. Only source of syringes. Looks like an ordinary building from outside until you get the Necrotech Employment skill or go inside.
  • Auto Repair: Your best source of spray cans and fuel cans.
  • Factory: Gives fuel cans and axes.
  • School: if you don't have mall skills, you *may* be able to get a knife here.
  • Fire Station: Gives axes and radios.
  • Hospital: Best sources of first aid kits.

Death Cultist Tactics

  • Scouting: The most basic tactic, requiring only Free Running and a screenshot utility. Report on buildings near Scourge strike teams with edible survivors, especially if the barricades are low. Don't wander too far, as the Scourge prefers closer than further targets.
  • Pinata’ing: When you have an infection, be inside a building that’s empty (either already empty or after you’ve killed everyone inside). Spend the rest of your AP (ideally, by barricading it up further) until you die of the infection WHILE the building is heavily barricaded or more. Then stand up and ruin the building. Now the survivors can’t enter or use the building AT ALL unless they knock the barricades down to VSB (very strongly barricaded) and repair the place! Protip: You can also try to free run into ruined buildings to try to hurt yourself and die faster.
  • Gking: Generator killing. Lit generators are a lifeline for survivors to get supplies quickly and take a LOT of AP to replace and light, much more than it takes to kill them. Killing generators really pisses them off and will slow down recovery and defense efforts. Ideal targets are Auto Repairs, Malls (police departments if no malls are nearby), Hospitals, NT buildings, and Factories.
  • Rking: Radio killing. Not as important as generator killing, but still good for pissing them off and making survivor life harder.
  • Pking: Player killing. Shooting a survivor until they die. This takes the most expertise and effort of any death cultist option: you should make sure you have the skills, AP and items (guns and ammo) to pull off a kill before even trying. It is, however, great for expressing your displeasure with anyone who combat revives you.
  • False infections: Shooting many healthy survivors once each with a pistol. Ideally they’ll have flak jackets, so they’ll only take 4 damage. Since Diagnosis can’t determine infections, it will look like they took a 4 HP zombie bite, and survivors will have to burn through FAKs trying to heal everything.
  • Propaganda: Put your radio or tagging skills to good use. Spread the link to our discord: Or just spew general propaganda about how survivors should submit to barhah and how your combat reviver is an evil Pker and should be KOS (killed on sight). Remove the graffiti stating that entry points are to be kept VSB, and then overcade them. The world is your oyster and that oyster is about to be eaten by barhah! Both forms of communication are anonymous, so much the better!

Roleplaying, Culture and Etiquette


Common phrases used in the Scourge. Some of these are based on the limited speech of “zamgrh”, the zombie language created by the vowel/consonant limitations of the Death Rattle skill.

  • Zambah: zombie
  • Brazzas/Z!zzas: zombie brothers/sisters.
  • Barhah: the spirit of zombie unity and paradise. It is simultaneously an ideal to aspire to, a cause to champion, and a way of life to embrace. Every brain we lovingly scoop out is for barhah.
  • Babah: “baby”. A low-level zombie. Not pejorative, we love our babahz.
  • Scourgling: a babah belonging to The Scourge.
  • Harmanbargarz: a delicious food of choice
  • Banana: another delicious food/weapon of choice.
  • Har har: a zombie laugh
  • Bang bang man: a mean unpleasant person who shoots zombies. Clearly needs to be educated on the ways of barhah.
  • Mamah/Papah: Mother/father. The leaders of a zombie family.


Your zombie profile can contain a link to our discord. , in the off chance someone sees you past the anonymous-looking zombie horde and decides to check it out. At least it costs no AP! For the most part, though, the exact contents of your zombie profile are mostly for comedic or roleplaying purposes. However, there are some exceptions when it comes to revives:

  • If you want a revive for some death culting (or just to grab flak + bodybuilding), you want an innocuous profile saying you want to live again. The more you sound like a typical survivor who badly wants to live and barricade again, the more likely you’ll get poked by someone who didn’t read or understand your group tags!
  • Similarly, if you don’t have the rot and want to discourage getting revived, making clear that you are hostile to humans and will start pinata’ing/shooting/Gking around once you get revived may help a little. Some people will try to revive you anyways, which is plenty of excuse to make those promises come true!

The same applies to your survivor profile when alive:

  • Doing suspicious or over-the-top stuff like stating that you are a zombie spy and making comments about the glory of barhah and killing people is going to get you shot again sooner than later. Also if you don’t like getting combat revived, you can always post a screenshot or the profile of your most recent combat reviver so the locals know who to thank for your Gking and Pking goodness!
  • Pretending to be an honest, barricade-hugging survivor or trenchie will reduce the odds of your getting shot. It’s a lot less entertaining than the alternative though.


When roleplaying or recruiting, it helps to give your character a motivation as a zombie and a member of the Scourge. Your ability to express your feelings is very limited as a member of the undead, although it is possible. However, when revived, you have much more verbal articulation at your disposal. There are many motives behind your embrace of undeath, a list of suggestions is provided below. Plan your killspeeches accordingly.

  • Anger. Those harmanz have long oppressed innocent zombies with headshots and ugly barricade hit rates. They must be punished for their arrogance.
  • Altruism. Those harmanz do not understand the joys of undeath, the crackling of skulls and barricades, the carefree experience of never worrying about a headshot or running out of supplies. The only concern a zombie has is getting more of those sweet juicy brainz, and even that is not a problem with The Scourge! And now, you will free those poor human minds, in a decidedly physical sense.
  • Gourmet. Those harmanz are delicious. A flesh this succulent and streaked just so with fat cannot be found in the animal kingdom. Especially the brainz, the sweet and juicy treat even humans thirst for on occasion.
  • Religion. Barhah is the ONE TRUTH. All who deny it are heretics to be purged by way of ingestion!
  • Chaos. Praise Rando, the Random Number Goddess! All live and die at Her leisure, the RNG is your ultimate and supreme ruler! Survivors do not understand this, they defile Her holy search rates. Only zombies understand.
  • Schadenfreude. The tears of humans crying over their broken malls and crash picnics feeds you. Their salt is nourishment for your soul just as their brainz nourish your body.
  • Science. What makes a harman tick? No, I mean what really makes them tick? They don’t die, they don’t need food, they don’t even wake up when continually shot at, they can fly from building to building as effortlessly as walking despite carrying at least 200 kg of guns and portable generators. As a scientist, you need to solve this mystery yourself. Unfortunately, as a harman, your ability to dissect harman bodies is too limited. Only as a member of the thinking dead, with your mighty claws and intellect unclouded by human urges, can you get to the bottom of this!
  • Love. Hungry babahz need food and your family in The Scourge needs your support! The survivors do not care for one another, they constantly accuse, shoot and overbarricade each other. To break their ways and embrace peace, they must be brought into the loving fold of Barhah and togetherness. You put brainz on the table for your family, and what better way to do that with a loving caress for the harmanz!
  • Revenge. You had enough of your fellow survivors and snapped one day. Perhaps you drove your axe into one of their brainz and then gastronomically partook of your prize. Perhaps you grabbed your shotgun and opened up on a mall of mindlessly chattering survivors, then kicked over the cades to let people who care in. Perhaps you were left to rot by survivors who couldn’t even spare you a syringe. Whatever it was, you had enough. Now all of Malton will be in your claws!
  • Think of your own!
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