The Second Extravaganza

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The Second Extravaganza

One year ago, a lone band of survivors known only as The Malton's Angels Masterminded an exhibition of unparalled pyrotechnic ingenuity, engineering aptitude, and technical wizardry. Chemists, Technicians, electricians, magicians, and musicians from across the city were summoned to various local landmarks to make one simple dream a reality: A festival of fireworks and flares which nevertheless touched the hearts of hundreads. Before the festivities were brought to a close, its progenitors promised the fair city of malton that their unique brand of magic would come again, and be repeated every year until the last zombie lies vanquished.

Through staunch resistance, death threats, and all manner of naysayers and malefactors, our heroes prevailed, and after a year of waiting, they're back to do it all over again.

The Plan

The premise is simple: All survivors wishing to participate should report to one of four locations throughout the city to launch as many flares as they see fit at the time designated below. These are just the preliminary sites the architechts of this grand plan see fit to attend, feel free to make your own. Each location below contains a section listing all groups in attenance. Malls and Fire Stations are ideal locations to amass these little light-bearers. The angels themselves will be assembling and storing a massive stockpile in secret.

The Point

A point has two meanings, as our dear leader would be quick to point out (haha): An end or objective, or a location in space and time when such an event will take place. The former is simple, and in the year since our last attempt, it has not changed: To bring light to darkness. To inspire the citizens of Malton, and to ignite insane amounts of explosives in the process. The point in time is July the Third at server reset, the day malton plunged into darkness, and the day it will someday emerge into the light. Last year, critical flaws in timing tainted an otherwise perfect display...we assure you...that will not happen this year: A countdown timer has been made, and watches across the city are already synchronized to this most stupendous second, set yours here: Zero Hour

The Process

Thus far, we have the following launch points set up throughout the city, feel free to add your own.

The Stacey Monument

the Stacey Monument [52, 27] in Shearbank. Located near the survivor stronghold of Stickling Mall, this long-forgotten monument has bourn witness to some of Malton's greatest victories and most brutal defeats. This location has been designated as the primary launch site, and will play host to a fabulous light show of not only flares, but home-made tesla coils assembled by the elusive and eccentric Padre Romero. Also in attendance will be:

The Malton's Angels

Silley Park

Silley Park [24,25] in Darvall Heights. Silley park has been the home of some of Malton's most historic meetings. It was in the ruins of the park's Gazebo that the infamous Blackmore Bastard Brigade planned their assault on Ridelybank. It has played host to Brainstock and the Extravaganza events of last year. Though some say Caiger's glory has faded, we stand by our assertion that it glows brighter than ever. In attendance will be:

The Malton's Angels
The Elorian Lancers
Ghetto Cow

Pipe Plaza

Pipe Plaza [55, 77] in Kempsterbank. We will be lighting up the southern end of malton from this stricken strip mall. Also in attendance will be:

The Malton's Angels
A Malton Hospitals Group Representative

The Shaa Monument

the Shaa Monument [86, 40] in Pitneybank. Near Giddings mall, from here, the lights of the extravaganza will be brought to those brave souls who hold the quarintine line on the edge of the city. In attendance will be:

The Malton's Angels

What is to come

Those of you who stood by in wonder with us last year remember what this event became. This year, we promise to make the event far grander, a true testament to the tenacity of Malton's Survivors. In the coming weeks, more additions will be made to this page, featuring music, mystery, and our particular brand of mad magic. For now, we leave you with a template, and a few links to remember the glory of yesteryear.

Flare.720.jpg The Second Extravaganza
This user is wholly dedicating to making the 3rd of July the most absolutely kickass night ever..

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