The Second Massacre of Yagoton

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The Second Massacre?

The first massacre (Mass PKing event) is known as the Valentine's Day Massacre, and has its own wiki section. The Second Massacre of Yagoton occurred on August 29th, 2006. Unlike the Valentine's Day Massacre, the Second Massacre of Yagoton was not performed using zerg accounts. A group of co-ordinated members of The Maltonian Inquisition struck the Whatmore Building, with Cardinal Fisu claiming 17 kills. Three more survivors were accounted for by other Inquisitors, bringing the total victims to 20. The true weapons of the Inquisition, surprise and fear, kicked into gear, leading to the confusion and panic in the following sections.

So What Is Going On?

This is the following headline, posted by the titled 'Yagoton-Watch' that people reading the suburb page for Yagoton found as of August 29th, 2006:

Massive amounts of PKing have begun to take place throughout Yagoton and surrounding neighborhoods as not only the Disciples of Zeko gather, but many other unifiliated PKers. This has turned out to be more serious as earlier believed as the call to mass was given only yesterday (and only to Disciples of Zeko, aka Children of Zeko, aka The Faithful). Keep on extra guard if you are in or around Yagoton (especially within) for you just may find yourself as a target of an attack. With such high Zekoite activity in the area a coordinated strike is sure to take place very soon.

User MorthBabid, YRC member and witness to the event, then posted the additional:

I'd like to note (having been there myself) that these actions involved a significant amount of 'Zerg' accounts. The attacks occured not simply from The Seven or the Disciples of Zeko, but mostly stemmed from a user whose profile claimed him to be part of the The Maltonian Inquisition. Many numerical-named characters were noted in sequence in the area, and those killed conferm that they were attacked to the point of death by a slew of alt accounts before being killed by a single individual. What we can actually DO about this obvious in-game abuse isn't known at this time. --MorthBabid 21:28, 29 August 2006 (BST)

In response, the 'Zeko cult 'leaders' as it were responded as well:

You show your ignorance, friend, we've grown since the early days. Since then we have acquired many a member who are seperate from the Red One's control. To Talk, Bloody Jack, Z1ng3r, Musta Krakkis, The Red Priest of Zeko, ChoZEN, and Nmbr 13 are just some examples of our members, but there are many others that are unrecorded members who carry our work without our notification. We are a very loosely organized group, it's like assuming that all christians know each other and are all friends, we just have in common the worship of a god and our methods of murder and discord vary greatly from person to person. PS: We have no affiliation with the The Maltonian Inquisition whatsoever. Whatever you have heard are unfounded rumors or straight out lies. - Saint Rozozag

Which led to MorthBabid retracting and clarifying the situation here:

I had thought I had presented the admitably dubious facts on recent events in a fair manner. That is obviously not so. Slander was not my intention. I apologize, and will now attempt to correct this error. It should be noted that the user User:Yagoton-Watch was the first to associate the Disciples of Zeko with this act, and not myself. What IS known is that a user named "Fisu" whose profile links him with the The Maltonian Inquisition had the assistance of various zerg accounts in the murder of many. It is NOT known if this "Fisu" IS infact associated with The Maltonian Inquisition, though a post on their Wiki suggests (BUT DOES NOT VERIFY) that there is indeed a relation. In addition, there was a radio broadcast made from an unknown source praising this "Fisu" and his actions in the name of Redzeko. After this transmision, I myself fell victim to a member of The Seven known as User:Merc89, but this user DID NOT USE ZERG ACCOUNTS TO PK my character. Any further information on this event is still up to debate, which I sadly did not apparently make clear enough in my first post. Please standby for more information, and see The Second Massacre of Yagoton for more. --MorthBabid 01:45, 30 August 2006 (BST)

Thats...Way Too Much For Me To Read. What Are The FACTS?

  • A user known as Fisu whose profile claims he is a member of The Maltonian Inquisition , murdered 17 users via the use of fellow players in Whatmore Building.

Tuesday, August 29th, 2006 In a righteous fury, Cardinal Fisu channeled the wrath of God and the Pope to obliterate the denizens of the Whatmore Building. With other Cardinals watching in awe, Fisu accounted for 17 heathens, and his right hand man of the moment, Cardinal wcil, put paid to three who were trying to escape.

  • vanisthehun, Sledneck, Bull Schitt, Duke Avatar, ARandomKid, Doctor Avatar, apocalypse1020, lord avatar, Lukhan, Eric Eisenstein, Nurgal, Sgt Avatar, Beatrice, Klapaucius, Romero4000, Mazer Rackham, Damanoc Blackthorn, Guy Montag III, John McIntyre, Rogue M.
  • A radio broadcast claiming to be in the name of the Disciples of Zeko is sent throughout Yagoton on the joint YRC & The Abandoned radio band, claiming they support the action.

Oh...kaaay. Now What?

We gather more information and try to figure out what exactly is going on. These zerg-based mass murders are an issue which must be examined. If not for issues of fairness or so-called griefing, then at least because they are a mechanical/sociological curiosity. Please post any additional information in the Talk section before posting it here, to keep things fair and hopefully as unemotional/slander based as possible.

I thank you all in advance for your unbiased and fair-minded contributions. --MorthBabid 02:06, 30 August 2006 (BST)

Quotes From Those Involved

  • Please keep all comments relevant and free from 'flaming'. Thanks! --MorthBabid 17:27, 21 September 2006 (BST)

The Maltonian Inquisition does not use zergs, instead we rely on our chief weapon, surprise...surprise and fear...fear and surprise.... Our two weapons of fear and surprise...and ruthless efficiency.... Our *three* weapons of fear, surprise, and ruthless efficiency...and an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope.... Our *four* *Amongst* our weapons.... Amongst our weaponry...are such elements as fear, surprise.... I'll edit again. Cardinal Jackson 10:20, 31 August 2006 (BST)

In order to better clarify what Cardinal Jackson said, the Maltonian Inquisition is, as our Wiki page states, a collaborative of multiple players. The Inquisition is a highly co-ordinated unit, but every player has a single character, and we work together for the glory of the Pope. Cardinal Fisu was nominated that day to deliver His divine wrath, but other Cardinals assisted in weakening the heretics. It may be difficult to believe, as the previous Massacre was completed using Zerging, but this was not a zerg attack. Here is an example of our previous work. As you can see, numerous Cardinals synchronised their attack, and it was simple to alter our methods to the Pope's plan for Fisu that night. The Second Massacre of Yagoton was performed by the Maltonian Inquisition without multiple account use, and that is the truth of the matter. Now all that remains is for you to tremble in fear. David Suzuki 9:54, 1 September 2006 (GMT)

Confessions of Zeko

For the truth behind the Valentine's Day Massacre and the true actions of RedZeko and the Disciples of Zeko, please visit the Confessions of Zeko. First hand confessions of the Prophet of Zeko, Rozozag, on the truth behind these events.