The Secret Six

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The Secret Six
Who are the Secret Six?
Abbreviation: S6
Group Numbers: Take a wild guess
Leadership: Mockingbird
Goals: Control
Recruitment Policy: Ask a member. Then keep your mouth shut, we will get back to you on it
Contact: Don't call us, we'll call you

The Secret Six (S6) has a city wide operation, whose sole intent is to maintain a level of control throughout Malton.


To eliminate the radical elements of Malton starting with Roftwood and Stanbury Village.

Torture those that cross us.

Humiliate anyone we don't like.

History of The Secret Six

Created by the enigmatic Mockingbird as a team of disposable agents, The Secret Six were united by the shared knowledge that each of them could be replaced at any moment. No matter how many of them fell doing Mockingbird's bidding, their number would remain a cool half-dozen. They continued to serve him (or her) because of some secret that each of them wished to keep hidden. But all of that changed during a routine job in the city of Malton...

Team members died on the mission, a break-in at the headquarters of a company called NecroTech. There was nothing unusual about that. Replacements would be found soon enough. They always were. Things got complicated when, the next day, the fallen agents turned up at the group's safehouse. When confronted by Mockingbird, they responded with all the proper passwords, although they punctuated each with the unsettling demand for "BANANA GANGBANG HARMANZ!"

The newly arrived agents were dispatched to deal with their predecessors, as Mockingbird found their demeanor uncouth and their odor unappetizing - which resulted in still more casualties. This cycle continued until a team member, out of desperation, stabbed one of her former mates with a syringe she'd grabbed in the initial break-in. As the flush of life returned to his cheeks, she knew that she'd stumbled upon the answer. But if Mockingbird sent them on that mission, surely he (or she), knew the properties of the liquid contained in those syringes. Why hide it from the team? Perhaps the Six were not the only ones with secrets.

Whatever Mockingbird's motives might have been, NecroTech's miraculous concoction has been a boon to the Secret Six. While that number is increasingly inaccurate due to the steady "recruitment" of dearly departed teammates, The Secret Six have chosen to operate under the name as a tribute to the bonds they forged as a team and the secret that allowed them to live again. That, and it would be a shame to waste all that "The Secret Six" correspondence stock that Mockingbird ordered.

Current S6 Activities

We walk amongst you, unhindered, unidentified. We could be the medic sitting next to you in the hospital, the soldier shouting for first aid kits, or the firefighter sitting at the firehouse. We may heal you today, and kill you tomorrow.

You want to join us? You'll be feared, respected, and adored. You'll forget what it is to want something you can't have. Because you'll be one of us, one of the six.

While we have spent a lot of our time wiping out the undead infestation in Malton, we have come across a group that is more insidious than the zombie problem. These are our fellow humans who have joined forces with the zombies. These humans are worse than the rotted corpses that walk amonst us. They are traitors to the species and must be disposed of and returned to the rotting state they so covet.

Mockingbird, our leader, has an established network of spies all over Malton in an effort to curb the infestation of both zombies and human traitors. We are currently basking in the glorious fluorescent light of the fully powered and restored Nichols Mall. Elements of the Six have been seen aiding in the Red Rum Reconquista that is currently taking place in the Blackmore Building (would this be the eighth or ninth Battle of Blackmore?).

While we work without discrimination against the walking dead, once Mockingbird has confirmed to us that you are indeed a human traitor, you appear on our list.

If your name appears on the list, you are marked. You cannot run, you cannot hide. Your debt will be paid, one way or another. The Secret Six will find you...and then eliminate you, over, and over, and over again.

Update: October 26th, 2012: The Secret Six are on the verge of rising from the ashes....we are currently evaluating what our new project is going to be.