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The Seven Monkeys is a quest, created by a person going by the name The Seventh Monkey on the Unofficial UD Forums. The objective of the quest is to find the "monkey" characters, by solving the riddles pointing to each monkey's location. The players can follow the links to monkeys' profiles, and add them to the contact list, so that the players know when they actually encounter the monkeys. The quest is not part of the game itself, and most likely is ran by a player of the game, and not Kevan.

The original text

The race has started. To find the Seven Monkeys of Malton, and to earn fame as a true citizen of this unfair city.

The First Monkey

Malton though spelt wrong

The Balle's homage, nearby

Hides the First Monkey

The Second Monkey

Centred, the Warzone

This Monkey Hides from the four-

Those Firemen, not far.

Finders of the Second Monkey:
A Turing extracted a DNA sample from you. (09-30 00:25 GMT)
Brickman attacked you for 3 damage. (09-30 00:29 GMT)
Cruller Jones attacked you for 10 damage. (09-30 05:50 GMT)

The Third Monkey

North lies this Monkey

Ann Struthers a name heard here

Read? Drink is closer.

The Fourth Monkey

This one stands southways

Between a healer and wood

Money gold not tin.

The Fifth Monkey

The House of Pitman

But this monkey rides a horse

Fixing cars with string?

The Sixth Monkey

Vermin not a Bird

This bank, Beatle's Cathedral

Not far from healing

The Seventh Monkey

A noble's province

And close by, a lengthy church

Lies this Monkey's Walk.

To find all the monkeys is all you must do, young adventurers.

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