The Shaw Family

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The Shaw Family is a well known family in Malton. Their charisma, exceptional cooking skills, natural leadership, and maticulously well run safehouse have all allowed them to become the family they are today.

Famous Shaws:

1. Officer A. Shaw 2. Bloody Tom

Alexander Shaw

Alexander Shaw was born in Spicer Hills to a lovely Mother and Father. he was raised there, and at the age of 17, applied for a police intern job. By the age of 19, Alexander Shaw was made into an Officer, but Shaw's liberal ideology and intellectual drug use perhaps made him regret his ambition to become an Officer. He began to write, make music, and frequently DJ on the UK Pirate Radio Station, Dub 999.103 AM.

One cold grey day, as Officer Shaw left his house to go to the Spicer Hills PD, he was greeted by several odd, shambling girls. At first, he believed that they were drunk, or drugged up, and simply strode past them. one of them grabbed his shirt sleeve, but being a gentleman, he simply told her to watch out and stop being silly. A moan erupted from one of the girls, and as Shaw turned around, he noticed a large bite mark in the girl's neck. he reached into his chest holster and demanded that they stopped moving. they didn't. he commenced to shoot all of the women, but without any luck. he retreated from his neighborhood and arrived at the local cop shop. He didn't see any of his friends, all that was there were a few blood pools and looted gun racks.

Officer Shaw retreated out of the suburb going from building to building. He eventually found himself in Lockettside. After several days of hiding, Officer Shaw found himself in a Frossard Place Police Department. He shut the doors, barricaded the exits, and began to set up shop. After several weeks, Officer Shaw had set up his own paradise. he began looting nearby stores, and other places. He made a library, he stocked up a Huge fridge, he set up a generator, he got hundreds of bottles of liqour and hundreds of cartons of cigarettes.

His next step was to get communication. he set up several Radio outlets throughout the 4 story fortress. After sending out several transmissions, Officer Shaw began to see survivors arriving at the door. Many came over the next four months, and soon the group became known as The 'Sards.

Officer Shaw stays at his post, maintaining and entertaining. He is most likely sipping a scotch and enjoying a cigarette. Perhaps he's watching a movie, or making some delicious pasta for his loyal crew.

Long Live The 'Sards, and Always Keep your Shottie Loaded!