The Socialist Worker's Front of Malton

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The Socialist Worker's Front of Malton
Abbreviation: SWFM
Group Numbers: None
Leadership: None
Goals: Promote the Socialist way, Secure Malton from all Capitalist and Fascists
Recruitment Policy: Agreement with the articles of the charta
Contact: Join our forum at Forum

Proletarians of Malton, look around you! We have been designed to be guinea pigs for the capitalist oppressors, who have turned the city into the site of a fascist experiment! Or how else would you explain that this so-called 'virus' erupted in a city with more NecroTech buildings then anywhere else in the world? They are trying to turn us into mindless combat slaves! But we shall overcome all the obstacles with our solidarity and we will make the evil-doers pay! But first, we have to liberate our once beautiful city, cleansing all the fascist scum which has crawled onto the surface. To help accomplish that, join the Socialist Worker's Front of Malton!

The Charta:

Art. 1: The SWFM is a Socialist group that acts as a team as much as possible. The SWFM does claim �Rights� to certain Buildings but Not Ownership. Citizens outside of the SWFM and Members themselves are welcomed to come and go as they please. However Certain Citizens of Malton, Listed or Under Suspicion can and will be asked to leave and or purged from the building.

Art. 2: Several comrades may gather at one spot or another to help each other accomplishing a special task. Comrades are encouraged to ask for reinforcements where these are needed.

Art. 3: The Front does not recognize any form of private property, neither mobile nor immobile. Every person in Malton has the right to consume whatever he can find and sleep wherever he wants to. Organizations or individuals that have been known to be fascist, and or hostile to the Front will be destroyed. Anyone can enter a Building However Certain Citizens of Malton, Listed or Under Suspicion can and will be asked to leave and or purged from the building.

Art.4: The Front will be prepared to use extreme force against any one Hostile to the SWFM, racists and fascists, both fascists by word and fascists by deed. Comrades are encouraged to report the Wrongdoers and to receive reinforcements in combating them.

Art.5: The Front views the zombies as what they are - our less fortunate comrades. The Front will do it's best to revive each and every of them, except those who can't be revived.

Art.6: Members of the Front will not strip our less fortunate non-hostile comrades of their means to exist.

Art.7: Those who discriminate/kill former zombies are considered racists, and as such are getting shot by the Front's execution commandos.

Art.8: People spreading racist/Nazi propaganda will be considered racists and will be added to a racists-to-kill list. The SWFM holds dear the Freedom of Speech. Anti SWFM Tags will not be considered as Racist, they will however. Be written over.

Art.9: The Front has no leadership other then its members, which are equal in every form. However, I (Carlo), the founding member, reserve the right to ban possible infiltrators/saboteurs from our organization upon notification from at least one comrade.

Art.10: Everybody may become a member of the Front, regardless of his or her past or his or her membership in other organizations - except fascist ones. Previously Hostile Citizens who have Pked SWFM Members will not be able to join.

Art.11: Members of the Front do not hide. Our names will be published in a list here.

Art.12: The Front reserves the Right to change or modify the Charta through a Democratic Process.

Art.13: Anyone in the SWFM Found not following these Guidelines will be punished accordingly.

Members List

Comrade Ese

Comrade Ivan Polinski


In the beginning, some racists were offending people somewhere in Malton. One night, they all woke up dead. Now a guy named Jimbo Gomez craved revenge, and started to hunt down those whom he thought could be communists. As a response to him, the Front was formed.


Miltown The Front has moved into and liberated the province of Miltown, and represent the only large contingent in Miltown. After removing the standing power from Miltown the Front has taken over the province, though the several districts within the province are not safe to inhabit as of yet. The Front has centralized it's members and now operates out of Miltown. [[1]].

The Hostile and the Liberated When the SWFM liberated Miltown and defeated the standing power of the area, another group, decendents of the standing power called PK13, began an unsuccessful guerilla war against the SWFM. PK13 ran a steady stream of sorties into Miltown from the neighboring provinces, while SWFM forces combed the surronding suburbs for PK13 safehouses. Both sides took heavy losses, but the SWFM maintained control of Miltown, though the security conditions of Miltown from both zombie and human threat did decline. Peace accords were struck in late December.

Fork in the Road During the month of November, 2005. Several Members of the SWFM resigned and left Miltown forming different organizations.

Allies SWFM has been in the process of seeking allies. THE SWFM have taken up speeches with BMC. Some of their members seem to be reluctant towards forming an alliance.

Reshuffle Do to dipolmatic mishandlings and ideological conflicts, a new era of SWFM political management has taken place, with concise leadership and defined political roles being implemented.

PEACE After a longstanding war with PK13, both sides agreed to the December Peace Accords, which declares an end to the war, with flexible conditions to ensure that peace will prevail. With the successful defense of Miltown, the SWFM can concentrate on improving security in the suburb, by driving out or converting zombie threats. Strategic planning is currently underway for the operation, which has yet to be codenamed.


Originally made by Monoxx (from the UD forum), best quality in this side of the Mississippi.

I, Monoxx, am not a commie. I just like helping guys from the forum.

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